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21 Exterior Window Trim Ideas for Serious Curb Appeal

Are you ready to give your home a fresh, new look? Believe it or not, the secret lies in something as simple as exterior window trim!

I know, I get it. As a homeowner, there’s no shortage of design choices you need to make. 

But, don’t be fooled! While it’s often overlooked, something as seemingly basic as window trim can dramatically enhance your curb appeal and make your house stand out.

Modern wood and stone home with focus on window trim

Some prefer classic, functional designs. Others obsess over every minute detail (I’m not pointing any fingers!). 

I’m definitely in the latter camp. What can I say? I never pass up the chance to add a bit of flair to my home design. 

So today, I’m moving past grand interiors and focusing on the details. 

Yes, we’re diving into the wonderful world of exterior trim options! Trust me, it’s exciting. 

Although the subject may seem cut and dry, there are actually DOZENS of exciting exterior window trim ideas for you to try on your home. 

From flat stock to fluted, decorative to functional, I’ve included 21 trim ideas to inspire your home design. 

What is window trim anyway?

First things first, let’s talk about why exterior window trim is so crucial. Not only does it add visual interest and character to your home, but it also serves a practical purpose too.

Window trim helps protect your windows from the elements and prevents any moisture (or critters, bleh!) from seeping in.

Trim also plays a role in insulation and energy efficiency by sealing any gaps around the window frame.

As I said, trim is seriously underappreciated!

How exterior window trim can elevate your home 

  • Harmony – Gives your home the ultimate harmony, with design continuation both inside and out
  • Under-utilized – A lesser-used design opportunity that can give your home’s exterior major star power
  • Strong aesthetic – Cements your aesthetic and highlights architectural details 
  • Color options – Who says trim has to be boring? You can absolutely use it as a fun opportunity for contrasting color
  • Functional purpose – Provides stylish functionality, protecting windows from the elements

Ready to get your exterior trim on? Use any of these exciting, aesthetic-focused trim ideas to give your home more visual interest and a cohesive look, inside and out. 

Modern exteriors

Modern home designers seek clean lines, play with contrast, and design with contemporary minimalism. And their exterior window trim follows suit!

1. Chic monochrome 

Want a modern, cool vibe? Try a flat stock trim in just one shade lighter or darker than your home. Here you can see that black windows and exterior are extra chic!

Black modern house with black flush window trim

Want to experiment more with trim paint color? Check out my posts on the best trim colors and how to paint trim

2. Ultra-slim profile

Use an ultra-thin trim made from metal or stained wood to simply outline your windows for a minimalist contrast. 

Modern flush window trim in black

3. Flush trim

Include a flat stock trim that is flush with the exterior walls, blending in for a smooth appearance. Low-contrast paint colors are also a must.

Modern concrete home with black windows and no trim

Colonial-style exterior window trim

Colonial homes opt for classic choices, focusing on symmetry, bright whites, and timeless elegance. 

4. Multi-pane

For a clean look full of dimension, use multi-pane windows with grids and clean flat stock trim.

Traditional home with black windows and grids

5. Elaborate headers

Pair classic white trim color with a decorative header featuring crown molding and a keystone center. 

Colonial style home with keystone

6. Contrasting shutters

Shutters give a nod to the historical beauty of colonial homes. Faux shutters give you the same look and are far easier to install. 

For extra interest, use a contrasting paint shade like navy blue, forest green, or a fun pop of mint (my fave!).

White home with mint colored shutters and a wooden front door with copper overhang.

Cottage-style exteriors

Cozy and quaint with just a touch of whimsy – that’s the vibe cottage-style is looking to achieve. And, what you do around your windows will help get you there!

Eclectic design choices with natural finishes and gentle colors all work towards this desired charm. 

7. Planter boxes

Flower-filled planter boxes are the perfect addition under a window sill, bringing a bright, nature-inspired touch to the home. 

Provincial style French country home with flowers in window box under green shutters

8. Rustic chic shutters

Emphasize your whimsical trim style with wooden shutters. You’ll be amazed at how much personality they add to even the most basic window trim.

Plus, shutters are super easy to make! I actually built these in just a few hours.

Learn how to build your own DIY shutters in this post!

French country home with mint stained shutters and rustic taupe trim

9. Scalloped wood

Feeling fancy? Try a scalloped wood trim with a white finish for a special decorative touch. 

White cottage style home with elaborate scalloped trim

10. Painted Grids

Pair high-contrast grids with natural wood trim for gorgeous depth and detail-oriented design.  

French style rustic cottage with blue doors and shutters

Craftsman exterior window trim

The craftsman aesthetic is all about well-made pieces living harmoniously with the architecture. Design choices are functional and durable, made from natural materials. 

Attention to detail is paramount!

11. Wide trim

Use a bold, wide, flat stock in a natural shade. 

White modern farmhouse with white flat window trim

12. Overhang + decorative brackets

Install an overhang or “drip cap” for functional style with decorative brackets for extra beauty. 

Modern cottage home with shutters and wood trim

13. Colorful trim

Looking for more color? No problem! Add joy to your trim through pretty colors like seafoam green, periwinkle, rustic blue, or pastel yellow. 

And don’t stop there! Why not paint your window grids the same shade to go with it? I absolutely love this look!

Craftsman style home with colorful window trim and door

Rustic exteriors

Those who love nature-inspired, classic looks will appreciate the rustic aesthetic. 

Simple design choices and natural materials give your home a rugged beauty.

14. Textured trim

Install wood trim that is ripe in texture, filled with knots and visible grain.

Rustic stone and wood cabin with hewn beam window trim

15. Reclaimed wood trim and siding

Reclaimed wood window trim pops against more modern windows, adding timeless depth. 

Rustic wood siding with matching wood trim with purple sage and window boxes

16. Metal accents

Looking for something eye-catching? Consider iron details for your exterior trim for a refined touch. This can include shutter holdbacks, brackets, or even grids.

I love how this house adds just a small line of copper above the black window trim—it really makes it pop! 

Black home with copper accents

Farmhouse exteriors

One of the most popular design styles in the game, the farmhouse aesthetic is charming, practical, and inviting. 

Natural wood and clean white finishings are common, with plenty of textiles to soften the overall feel. 

17. Crisp white 

A staple of farmhouse design, use bright white trim for all your exteriors (bonus points if it matches your front porch shade!). 

White farmhouse with large front porch

18. Board and batten shutters

Add coordinating board and batten shutters to your windows for a functional or decorative element.

White House with mint shutters and front door

Provincial-style exterior window trim

Inspired by rural France, the provincial style mixes the charm of the French countryside with elegant craftsmanship. 

19. Classic bay window

A neutral white window isn’t much to talk about. But a white bay window? Now that’s a highlight!

This feature is inspired by the elaborate baroque style, making it a seamless addition to a provincial-inspired home. 

Here’s how we trimmed out our bay window with a white, clean trim! It’s simple and pretty!

Exterior trim on a bay window

20. Distressed wood

Play with the historical elements of provincial design, using distressed or white-washed wood trim. 

I also recommend adding decorative accents or moldings for an elevated spin. 

21. Stone accents

For a truly special exterior trim idea, surround your window frame with stone surrounds. This is particularly beautiful for accent windows you’d like to feature. 

Stucco home with stone accents and stone window trim

Wrapping up my exterior window trim ideas…

That wraps up my very favorite exterior window trim ideas for every aesthetic. I hope you found the inspiration you need to add a little extra pizazz to your home. 

Not convinced of its impact? Check out how exterior trim completely transformed my DIY sunroom

Happy designing, friends!

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