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How To Make A Vision Board To Live Your Dream Life

Achieve your goals and aspirations in life by creating your own vision board. Learn how to make a vision board and use it to make your dreams a reality!

Many highly successful people (including Oprah and Reese Witherspoon) agree: it’s possible to make your dreams come true. 

There are various goal-setting exercises you can use to visualize your best life, but one of the most popular ways is to create a vision board.

Basically, through a process called manifestation, you can visualize your ideal life and attract the opportunities, people, and resources you need to bring them into reality.

Hey – if it’s good enough for Oprah, it’s good enough for me! 🙂

And a beautiful tool called a goal-setting vision board can help you start manifesting your dreams today.

What Are Vision Boards?

Do you have any goals you really want to achieve in the next year?

Vision boards (also sometimes called a dream board, mood board, or inspiration board) are a visual representation tool that helps you clarify exactly what your dreams and personal development goals are. 

When you take a poster board (or open space on your wall, etc.) and fill it with images and words that depict what you truly desire in your life, it acts as a wonderful tool to get you ready to receive it and keep you motivated to work towards it.

Before we dive into how to make a vision board for your life, let’s first quickly cover exactly how vision boards work.

The word Vision in cut out magazine letters pinned to a cork notice board,

Vision Board Benefits

Vision boards (or dream boards) offer many powerful benefits to anyone who uses them.

  • Let your creative side out and are fun to make!
  • Bring clarity through visual representation of what you want your life to look and feel like.
  • Keep your goals front and center so you think about them every day.
  • Help you use the Law of Attraction to draw opportunities into your life to reach your goals.
  • Provide inspiration and motivation.
  • Act as a road map to your dreams by helping you plan and carry out the tasks needed to make them happen. 
Vision Board with magazine words and photos on a white poster board.

Vision Board Ideas

Although you can use vision boards to work toward general life goals, I’ve often found it helpful to make vision boards specific to certain areas of my life. 

If you want to focus on a particular area, here are a few vision board ideas for areas where they can be especially helpful:

  • Happiness – Use images that inspire feelings of joy and contentment.
  • Career – If you dream of achieving certain goals in your career, find images and words that reflect that goal for your vision board.
  • Travel – Do you want to experience more adventure and see more of the world? Add images of places you want to visit on your vision board.
  • Financial – Include pictures of items you would like to buy or even images of cash to attract more money to your life.
  • Relationships – Find images that portray your romantic love goals or activities you would like to enjoy with a partner and include them on your board.
  • Spiritual – Seek out images that represent that spiritual understanding you crave.

NOTE: These were just a few vision board examples – there are many ways to make one utilizing any kind of theme you can dream up!

The word Dream in cut out magazine letters pinned to a cork notice board.

What is a digital vision board?

A digital vision board is the same project but created in an online format. If you prefer to do projects online, use PicMonkey, Canva, or other online photo collage mediums to create digital vision boards.

Now that we’ve covered the basics of what vision boards are and how to use them, let’s walk through the process of how to make a vision board that helps you transform your dreams into reality! 

2022 Vision board made digitally

How To Make A Vision Board: Supplies Needed

One of my favorite things about making a vision board is that you don’t need many tools or supplies in order to create such a powerful tool. Here’s what you’ll need to have:

  • Something to display your vision on (poster board, metallic board, cork board, or open space on your wall.)
  • Photos, words, and other images (clipped from magazines, printed from the internet, etc.)
  • Scissors
  • Adhesive (use the best option for your choice of board such as glue, tape, magnets, or tacks.)
  • Time (this isn’t a project you want to rush through – make sure you dedicate the time you need to finish it well.)
Magazines, pencils and pens, glue sticks, glue and magazines for supplies to create a vision board.

How To Make A Vision Board: The Process

Prepare yourself to be amazed as you plan, create, and execute your vision this year! The dream board process is simple but powerful.

The word created spelled out with magazine letters pinned on a corkboard.

1. List And Prioritize Your Goals For The Next Year

I find it helpful to write this part out and do a brain dump. What do you want to accomplish this year? 

Make sure your brain dump includes:

  • Big goals and dreams
  • Smaller wish list items
  • Intentions
  • A word for the year

Then, it’s time to prioritize your list and figure out what you want to happen more than the others so that they get their proper space on your board.

Business concept of top view 2022 goals list with notebook, cup of coffee over wooden desk

2. Find Images And Words That Represent Your Goals

This is the fun part! Cut out tons of magazine images that would be a good representation of your goals and overall vision for the life you want to create.

If you don’t have magazines, you can look for free old magazines that people give away at the library or maybe your local online “free stuff” notices. You can also check your nearby thrift stores for cheap magazines. 

More and more often, though, I have found that doing a Google search to find online images I think best represent what I want is helpful. That way, I’m sure to find just the right thing. Then, all you have to do is print them!

When I search for my visual representations for my vision board, I search for images that specifically represent the outcome of my goals. Or, I search for images that depict the feeling (or the essence) of my goal.

Ultimately, they may not all be pictures of physical items but could also be images portraying certain feelings. Overall, you want to pick images that make you think, “that’s what I want!” when you see them.

You may cut out more than you actually use, and that’s okay.

Colorful words cut out from magazines form an attractive background

3. Determine The Layout Of Your Board

Many people simply make a collage of images and words, letting their creativity take over and not following any specific “formula.”

Whether you go the artistic route or lean more towards a certain structure, there’s no rule that says what your vision board must look like.

If you prefer something more organized, you could separate your board into sections or place images side by side rather than overlapping images in a collage style.

Just make sure to leave space to add pictures or other magazine clippings and focus words later.

It’s YOUR new vision board! Make it work for YOU!

Vision board with photos and words and decorated with watercolors.

4. Put Your Own Vision Board Together

Now that you have collected all your images, it’s time to assemble your vision board!

Before you adhere your images to the board, sort through them and arrange them in an attractive way, according to each goal’s priority.

NOTE: the focus should be more on how you want to feel, rather than on stuff.

Then use your adhesive of choice to hold them in place.

Once all your images are on your board, add any finishing touches you want. Those may include inspirational words, affirmations, embellishments, etc.

Have fun making your board fit your personality!

Vision board supplies, computer, magazines, scissors, glue stick sitting on counter.

5. Display Your Vision Board And Look At It Everyday

After you complete your own vision board, display it somewhere in a prominent location where you will see it every day. Put it on your nightstand or hang it in your bedroom, home office, or living room to get the full benefit.

The whole purpose of creating your own vision board is to be a constant reminder of your dreams and a motivator to reach for those goals daily.

Vision board displayed above desk.

How To Make A Vision Board: Final Thoughts

Are you ready to take the steps needed to reach your goals and achieve your dreams? 

Don’t be afraid to change things up as needed. You may find that your goals shift a little over time, so feel free to adjust your vision board to reflect that.

Instead of considering it to be a final product, think of your vision board as an adaptable tool.

A vision board won’t just automatically give you everything you want. Instead, it shows you the path to attain future success and helps you stay motivated to work toward it.

Colorful completed vision board with inspirational words and photos.
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