Coastal Farmhouse Decor

If you love the shabby chic elements of popular farmhouse decor and are fond of coastal design, then you’ll be a fan of coastal farmhouse decor. This blend of styles is traditional and trendy. Bringing these two together can really make a home feel inviting – and relaxing at the same time!

The best part is, you can create this look without having to live on a farm or own a beach house. I am giving you some great tips and tricks on how to get that coastal farmhouse look you are dreaming of for your home. 

Coastal And Farmhouse Inspired Decor

This look is simple to achieve by using a palette of coastal colors and some creative design elements. The coastal farmhouse style is an exciting blend of two current home decor trends: farmhouse and coastal.

Looking to bring a fresh, calm atmosphere to your home? Then this style is for you! There is little-to-minimal effort required to enjoy this coastal farmhouse decor. Just sprinkle a little bit of beach and farmhouse decor throughout your home.  

9 Amazing Coastal Farmhouse Decor Ideas

Coastal farmhouse decor helps you create a very peaceful and inviting style. Check out some ways to incorporate this style into your own home decor. No matter your skill level or budget there is something in these ideas for everyone. 

1. Rugs

Rugs are so easy to switch out and they can truly bring a farmhouse feel to a room. To add the coastal decor to the farmhouse, find a rug with a pattern, but stick with a neutral beach color like this chic indoor/outdoor rug in the color “sand.”

You can place rugs under a table, in hallways… really anywhere! They are a great way to mix coastal and farmhouse styles together simply. 

2. Painted Furniture 

Repurposing furniture is a great way to add coastal farmhouse decor to your home. Take an older piece of furniture and paint it any shade of white and distress it. Once you are done, it will have a farmhouse look and then you can add some coastal decor accents on top! 

Check out a small dresser we chalk-painted in white, here!

3. Coastal Farmhouse Mason Jar Centerpiece

We all have mason jars in our cabinets – not being used. Simply gather a few jars and paint them in any coastal shade of blue you want. Alternatively, you can just buy blue mason jars online.

Then, add some white silk or real flowers to the jars, adorn them with a simple twine bow, and set them in a wooden or metal box. This gives an ambiance of an easy farmhouse look and is perfect as a centerpiece for your kitchen table. 

4. Coastal Mirror Made With Driftwood

Adding driftwood to household decor can help bring that beachy vibe to a room. Hanging a mirror with pieces of driftwood along the edges adds can add the perfect coastal farmhouse touch. It really helps add natural beauty to your home decor.                  

5. Farmhouse Table With Coastal Adornments

Having a simple farmhouse table with beach-inspired accents on top is a really great way to create coastal farmhouse decor. A white table runner with added seashells and succulents would do the job perfectly!

6. Home Sweet Home Sign With Shells

Decorating isn’t just for inside your home. Having a cute sign outside your front door is a great way to bring your style outdoors.

Making a coastal farmhouse-inspired home sweet home sign is simple. Just secure three long wooden boards together and paint in white the letters H, M, and E vertically down the wood. Then, rather than painting the O in home, make the shape out of a different assortment of seashells and glue them in place.

If you’re not in the mood for a DIY, you can find similar designs online. This sign really helps bring that farmhouse and coastal decor into one piece.

7. Rustic Pillow Covers

A simple look of cream white and teal blue stripes on the edge of pillow covers can help mend the farmhouse and coastal themes into one. You can use these on a sofa, bed, or even in a wooden chair that sits in the corner. 

8. Glass Bottles 

Setting some rustic glass bottles around in different colors in all different shades, shapes, and appearance can help bring the old farmhouse look in with a coastal feel. Try adding some white splashes of paint to some of the bottles to make them appear even older than they are. 

9. Burlap Fabric Wreath

Using a beach-inspired colored burlap wreath really helps bring a coastal vibe right to your front door. You can even attach a metal welcome sign to your wreath to help blend the farmhouse feel with the coastal color scheme.

Frequently Asked Questions About Coastal Farmhouse Decor

What is coastal farmhouse decor?

There is actually a style called coastal farmhouse and it’s exactly what it sounds like! It comes from mixing two current home decor trends into one, and it’s mixture of old and new.

When decorating with this style, you’ll incorporate things like metal signs and containers, wood frames and pieces, natural decor elements, and color schemes inspired by the beach. You will also see a lot of distressed pieces to give your home a more traditional look. 

Can you mix coastal and farmhouse decor together? 

Yes, you can absolutely mix the two types of decor into one style – and I actually love them together! With coastal farmhouse decor, you’ll have a little rustic mixed with coastal colors and decor. Both of these styles use natural woods, rugs, and simple patterns. 

Is coastal decor going out of style?

Traditional coastal classics never go out of style. Sailboats, mermaids, seashells, surfboards, etc., are classic and are here to stay. This is great news for those who love the decor. When choosing to decorate your home in coastal style, go for classic decor pieces and soft-colored accents. Look for colors that are neutral, coastal blues, greens, and sandy tones. 

If you are really wanting to change up your style, there is absolutely no need to do it all at once. Just pick a few ideas I suggested above and start making changes slowly. It is okay to take baby steps to switch up your home decor.

At the end of the day, coastal style is not going anywhere. So, combine some of those beachy elements with traditional farmhouse decor, and start transitioning your home into the beautiful, coastal farmhouse chic today. 

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