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10 Painted Brick Fireplace Makeovers You Can Do On A Budget

Painted brick fireplace features are everywhere! Why? Because they’re the perfect, cost-effective way to bring new life to your space! Use this list to get inspired and transform your brick fireplace into something enviable. 

There is nothing dreamier than exposed brick. Something about this feature reminds me of a different time when we knew where our produce came from and had our bathtubs in a kitchen closet (for convenience, of course!).

Despite these pastoral fantasies, natural brick fireplaces can leave a little to be desired. I’m talking outdated colors, crumbly exteriors, or overall shabby appearances.

There’s a simple answer to this problem – a painted brick fireplace makeover!

Give Your Fireplace a Facelift with Paint

If your brick fireplace needs a little lift, paint is your magic weapon. We all know the impact a fresh coat of paint can create, and painting brick is no exception!

Natural brick can look dated and unharmonious in your living space. By painting brick, you give it a modern facelift that looks more purposeful and impactful in your space. 

I completely transformed my fireplace by giving it a quick and inexpensive whitewash. The proof is in the before and after photos.

The whitewash added life to my living space and made it look so much more modern. I love the way it brightens the space; it’s almost unrecognizable!

Add a room-changing effect to your space by trying out one of these painted brick fireplace makeovers. I guarantee you’ll love the results!

Benefits of a Painted Brick Fireplace

While I’m all about the visual appeal, there are actually several benefits to painting your brick fireplace. 

  • Provides easy cleaning – Painting your brick will make the cleaning process so much easier! The grooves and texture of natural brick can be tricky to clean, while painted brick only requires a quick wipe!
  • Helps protect the brick – While painting already deteriorating brick is not a great idea, it can help protect healthy brick! It provides a sealant to help prevent fading and deterioration. It can also make deterioration slightly more visible, so you’re able to catch and fix damages quickly! 
  • Adds harmony to the room – Natural brick stands out in a big way, and not always how you want it to. Bring back harmony to your living space by painting your brick fireplace a complementary color. 
  • Packs a powerful punch – If you’re looking for maximum impact with minimal effort, a painted fireplace is your solution! A fireplace is a natural focal point and gathering spot in any living space. Give it that extra bit of flair to really make it shine!
  • Gives an inexpensive DIY lift – This project is easy and inexpensive. You can do this redesign for as little as $50 or less if you already have the supplies!
  • Modernizes a classic feature – Brick is a beautiful material, but when used in the wrong way, it can make a room look dated. Keep the integrity of this classic piece while giving it a modern flair with a fresh coat of paint. 

10 Painted Brick Fireplace Makeovers You Can Do on a Budget 

You can do a lot with a coat of paint. With seemingly unlimited options, it can be hard to decide where to start! Here are 10 painted brick fireplace makeovers to inspire you on your next DIY project. 

Be sure to click over to the original blog posts to see the before and after brick fireplace makeover shots – they are amazing!


A whitewash offers maximum style with minimum effort. AKA – it looks a lot more complicated than it is!

Use a whitewash to give your fireplace a chic, rustic feel (think modern cottage). You can see how I whitewashed my brick fireplace here.  

Fireplace painted white.
Run to Radiance

Shades of Gray

Gray is a super popular choice for a painted brick fireplace – and for good reason! It offers a great neutral that can contrast with light or white walls while maintaining a softer look than a black option.

It’s a versatile choice that has a harmonious appeal. 

Clean and Neutral

Sometimes the simplistic approach is best! Opt for a neutral paint color to tie the room together. Choose a similar paint to the surrounding walls (or the same shade!) for a seamless transition.  

Fireplace painted white
This Old House

Glossy Finish 

Add a bit of shine to your space with high gloss paint. Use this to bring life and sparkle to a neutral white fireplace. Alternatively, add a taste of high glamour with glossy, black paint. 

Stenciled Fun

Go beyond natural brick texture for an eye-catching fireplace! Use stencils to paint geometric patterns on your fireplace. This choice is so fun and unique to you!

German Smear

This technique is similar to a whitewash but has an even more visible impact! Designed to imitate old European cottages, this style uses mortar that is “smeared” along the brick.

The results? An incredible illusion of imperfect bricks with a totally unique texture. While technically not a painted brick fireplace, the effect is so stunning I just had to include it!

Mortar Wash

For more fun with mortar, consider a mortar wash! This technique involves spreading mortar over your brick and then removing some of it before it dries down completely.

It offers a lot of character while retaining some subtlety. 

High Contrast 

If you’re looking for dramatic impact, high contrast is the choice for you! Choose black paint to contrast a white wall (or vice versa). The visual speaks for itself!

This would be a fun way to keep some of the classic charm of a brick fireplace while modernizing the rest. It also makes the brick fireplace surround really pop against the more modern shiplap.

Bold and Vivid

Color is the quickest way to bring joy to a room! Choose a bold color like tangerine or cerulean to turn your fireplace into a statement piece. This modern brick fireplace makeover is sure to wow!

Dreamy Pastel 

If you love color but find vivids too harsh, pastels are a great choice. Slight shades of lavender, baby pink, or sage add a touch of color while maintaining a neutral appeal.

Pastels can add a dreamy quality to your brick fireplace, perfect for a bedroom or cozy living space. This is one of my favorite mantel paint ideas!

Frequently Asked Questions about Painted Brick Fireplace Makeovers

How do I paint a brick fireplace?

Painting your brick fireplace is quick and easy! With this technique, you can transform your fireplace in just a few hours.

Step 1 – Clean your brick of any dust or debris.
Step 2– Mix your paint. This will look different depending on your chosen technique.
Step 3– Get painting! Work in small 1×1 foot sections for optimal evenness!
Step 4– Decide on an optional second coat. This is optional based on your brick and preference!

For a full step-by-step breakdown, check out my post on how to whitewash a brick fireplace. 

What color should I paint my brick fireplace?

Your options are endless! I know – very helpful. The color you choose is going to make a big difference to your room. 

A neutral white or beige will keep the room looking clean and bright. A contrasting black or gray will have a more dramatic effect, drawing the eye with its clean lines and stark difference. 

A vibrant pop of color or stenciled pattern will become a focal point of the room and bring an element of fun and surprise.

Whatever your goal is, paint can make it happen. The best part? You can always change it up! While you can’t go back to natural brick, you can always change the color later on. 

Why shouldn’t you paint your brick fireplace?

While I am adamantly for painted brick, there are a few things you’ll need to consider before taking the plunge!

Many warn about painting brick because of its porous nature. Brick absorbs water when wet and when you paint over it, it traps the moisture in the brick. This can cause your brick to deteriorate over time and accentuate any imperfections in the material. It could even cause molding (yikes!). 

To ensure your brick is protected, use mold and mildew-resistant paint. If your brick is in really poor condition before painting, you might want to consider an alternative project.

You’ll also want to consider potential touch-ups. While natural brick needs little to no maintenance, you’ll likely need to touch up your painted brick fireplace over time. 

Finally, consider the permanence of painted brick. Once you start, you can’t go back!

Is painted brick going out of style? 

All signs point to no! The painted brick fireplace is a long-lasting trend that isn’t going anywhere! The reason for its immortal popularity? It is totally customizable!
If you’re looking for a painted brick fireplace that is going to withstand the test of time, opt for a neutral palette that can fit any design style as your tastes evolve. 

Final Thoughts on Painted Brick Fireplace Makeovers

A painted brick fireplace is the perfect choice to bring modern appeal to a classic feature.

The customization opportunities mean this DIY has chameleon abilities – it fits into any design preferences and style! And because this project requires minimal supplies, it also fits into any budget. 

I hope this gives you the inspiration you need to transform your brick fireplace! Which fireplace makeover is your favorite? Let me know if you’re interested in trying one of these ideas in the comments down below. 

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