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Make Your Own Book With a Chipboard Scrapbook Kit

Use a chipboard album to creat a diy book_0001

I can never decide if I’m a fan of e-books or not. I like the convenience of being able to immediately download and being able to load my iPad up with 1000+ books. On the other hand, you guys already know that I’m pretty obsessed with the printed word—there is something way better about real paper bound together resting in my hands. What’s a book-greedy gal to do? I want it all!

Luckily for me, I had recently purchased several online e-books that actually came in PDF form. These were business and blogging books that I knew I would want to be able to write on and take notes, so I printed them both out. Of course the easy fix would be just to stick them in a binder, or clip the pages together, but where’s the fun in that? I’ll be honest…I totally judge books by their cover…so I wanted to make my covers super cute. 😉

I decided to take a little detour to Michaels on my way home to look for some book-making inspiration. When I stumbled across a diy chipboard scrapbook making kit, I knew I had stuck diy gold. While I was there I also picked up a few packets of adorable printed paper (previewed on my instagram).

Use a chipboard album to creat a diy book_0013Use a chipboard album to creat a diy book_0003Use a chipboard album to creat a diy book_0002

Assembling the book was fairly easy. I had to realign the pre-punched 3 ring holes in the chipboard to match the hole placement of the printed books, which gave me an opportunity to finally try my crop-o-dile. Like buttah.

Use a chipboard album to creat a diy book_0005 Use a chipboard album to creat a diy book_0006

I decorated the front and back covers of each book in coordinating paper which was held to the chipboard by Tombow permanent adhesive. Have you all ever used it? AMAZING. So easy and quick and the bond is awesome…I immediately went on Amazon and ordered a 3 pack of refills because I plan to use that stuff for everything.

Use a chipboard album to creat a diy book_0007 Use a chipboard album to creat a diy book_0008

After the paper was secured to the chipboard and holes punched in, I used washi tape to cover the end of the book since the chipboard was wider than the pages themselves. Washi tape is so fun—what can’t it make cuter?

Use a chipboard album to creat a diy book_0004Use a chipboard album to creat a diy book_0009

I then repeated the entire process on a few chipboard divider tabbed pages that were included in the kit to give me some space to keep extra paper and jot down notes and ideas. I stuck the ring clips (also part of the kit) in and called it a day. Boom.

Use a chipboard album to creat a diy book_0011 Use a chipboard album to creat a diy book_0012 Use a chipboard album to creat a diy book_0014

I absolutely adore these books for so many reasons—they are cute but they are also functional, kind of like a upscale 3 ring binder. I can flip right to the page I need and fold the rest of the book behind it, so it’s smaller and easier to hold. I can also add and take out pages as ideas or relevant information comes to mind. Plus each one cost me less than $5 to make since I already had everything but the chipboard scrapbooking kit. I even have more chipboard and rings left and am already plotting my next chipboard project—maybe something like this. So…does anyone have a definite answer to the e-book vs real book dilemma? Print all things? What about judging a book by the cover…is that so wrong? Only when it comes to books, not people of course. 🙂

Use a chipboard album to creat a diy book_0016Use a chipboard album to creat a diy book_0015

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  1. Those are completely adorable! I do prefer the actual printed word to constantly reading on a computer screen, though the fact of storing so many ebooks in one small device is very attractive!

  2. This is such a great idea. I love paper books but I also download business/blogging ebooks from time to time so this would be a great way to turn them into ‘real’ books. And they look so cute!

    Also I couldn’t help but notice that you’re reading ABM’s ‘Blog Life’ course, how are you finding it? Would you recommend it?

  3. I love, love, love this idea!! I have those same paper packs (okay, maybe I have two of each..) and I am in LOVE with every single design on them. I don’t buy many e-books but I might have to make an album or something with chipboard. Thanks for the idea!!

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