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Easy DIY Snow Globes

Christmas time is here! It’s time for joy and a fun Christmas craft, a mason jar snow globe! I’ve seen various DIY snow globe ideas floating around Pinterest the last couple of years, and knew this year I wanted to make a custom snow globe with my own spin on it. Before I share the tutorial with you, I’ll just tell you up front that if you have no crafting experience then this project is ABSOLUTELY for you. You guys…this project was SO easy…and seriously fun. This would be a great Christmas craft to do with kids…or anyone really. 🙂 

Yes, you CAN make a custom snow globe…I promise!

Homemade snow globe, with images cloudy through the glass and a white background

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One thing I really loved about this DIY snow globe was how inexpensive it was to make. I tend to spend quite a bit on craft supplies (for the blog and just for fun!), so anytime I can get a project I love for under $10, I’m happy. I picked up all these supplies at Michaels, but am linking to online sources in case you can’t get to a craft store near you if you want to make a custom snow globe along with me! 🙂

Supplies needed for custom snow globe- mason jars, faux snow, and figurines

DIY Snow Globe Supplies

  • Clean Mason Jars – These mason jars are wide mouthed making them easier to put your fun custom touch on your Christmas craft
  • Fake Snow – This faux snow is under $4.00 and is more than enough for your snow globe
  • Glitter – To add some flare to your snow, because the world definitely needs more glitter
  • Super Glue – You will want to glue down your figurines inside the mason jar lid, this glue is strong enough to use
  • Miniature Figurines –  This is where it gets to become a custom snow globe! We used miniature animal figurines and also manger figurines but the choices are endless. This set has some really cute ones!
  • Water – The good stuff (several people recommended distilled water, but I went with tap…shhh don’t tell)
  • Optional
    • Glycerin – This makes the snow fall gently just like you’re looking out of a warm cabin window on a cold Christmas day
    • Gold Leaf Paint -This is my favorite gold leaf paint– it truly takes the mason jar to another level. I can’t believe I even listed it under optional! 


Directions: How to Make a Snow Globe in a Mason Jar

How to make a mason jar snow globe – Step one

Pick your favorite figurines and give them a good dry-run on the mason jar lids by positioning where they should go and arranging them the way you’d like. All of our figures were from the ornament section where the mini trees are, but you can find some cute mini figurines on Amazon too

close up of supplies needed for custom snow globe- mason jars, faux snow, and figurines

Right off the bat I knew I’d have to cover those silver lids with my favorite gold leaf paint

While the rims were drying, we started placing our figurines.  I love this vintage-looking deer with the Christmas trees, so sweet!

close up of painting mason jar lid with gold leaf paint - how to: mason jar snow globe


Mason jar snow globe - Dry fit of deer and Christmas tree in mason jar

Of course, baby Jesus was involved in our mason jar snow globe making! Christmas is his birthday after all. 🙂 We like this so much that we decided to do two custom snow globes with a manger scene.

Mason jar snow globe - close up of baby Jesus figurine on mason jar lid with deer in background Close up of manger scene on a mason jar lid- Mason jar snow globe Mason Jars with Christmas settings glued to mason jar lid - How to make a snow globe in a mason jar

How to make a mason jar snow globe – Step two

Use a strong glue to permanently adhere the figurines to the lid.  I used E6000 super glue to glue the figures down. This glue is no joke, so be careful not to get it on your fingers!! You may end up stuck to the table for the rest of your life. 😛

Close up of gluing small figurine for mason jar lid- How to make a snow globe in a mason jar

How to make a mason jar snow globe – Step three

While the figures were drying, we added snow into the jars (about 1/5 jar full). We also added glitter to some of our mason jar snow globes because…duh. Glitter is everything.

Faux snow being prepared to pour into empty mason jar - how to make a snow globe in a mason jar Craft snow being poured into a mason jar - how to make a snow globe in a mason jar Faux snow in a mason jar on a white surface

How to make a mason jar snow globe – Step four

Add water and (optional) glycerin to the jar. You want the jar to be pretty full otherwise your figures won’t be covered by the water, which kind of defeats the purpose of a DIY snow globe. We filled ours up to about 1/2 inch from the top. Add a few drops of glycerin to the snow globe if you want to add the falling snow effect. The more glycerin you add, the slower it will fall.

How to make a mason jar snow globe – Step five

Now you can add your pre-glued figures, tighten the lid on and give it a good shake! 🙂 That’s it—you’ve got a custom snow globe! Make sure the lid is on really tight otherwise you’ll get splashed when you shake. We’ve had these mason jar snow globes for a few years now and haven’t had any issues with them. You can store them away, then use as one of your traditional Christmas decorations yearly!

Figurines being put upside down into a snow globe mason jar filled with water and snow Close up of hand tightening lid for mason jar snow globe - gold leaf painted mason jar Completed homemade snow globe- Christmas figurines in a gold painted mason jar Mid shake of snow globe in a mason jar 4 snow globe mason jars with Christmas decor


A few common questions regarding a custom snow globe

How to make a snow globe in a mason jar?

The simplified version

  1. Place the figurines on the mason jar lid 
  2. Glue your snow globe decorations where you want them
  3. Add faux snow to the mason jar
  4. Fill with water, leave 1/2 inch of room for shaking
  5. Add glycerin if you want the falling snow effect
  6. Shake your homemade snow globe and enjoy

What can you use for snow in a snow globe?

Most craft store bagged snows will work in your custom snow globe. You can add in glitter as well, or even use glitter instead of snow. For our snow globe, we used this snow and glitter.

What liquid is in a snow globe?

Water and glycerin – you will fill the snow globe with distilled water and add a few drops of glycerin at a time until you feel the faux snow is falling at a good rate.

What is glycerin? 

It is a compound often found in soap that helps treat oily skin. In this case, it is used to slow the rate of falling snow, the miracle ingredient! 🙂 Surprisingly, it is also a non toxic sweetener that is used in food. 

Have you guys made any DIY Christmas projects yet? I’d love to see! 🙂

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