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The Best Thing to Make With Cranberries

Happy Monday my friends!! I hope everyone had a good weekend! 🙂  Ours was exciting…we got to have a plumber over TWICE in one weekend.  Yay?  Needless to say, no painting got done, which I am secretly happy about since I still am scared to pick a color!  Anyways, I can’t believe it’s Thanksgiving week already!  Are you all ready? If not- no fear, I have the best side dish ever for you to make for Thanksgiving (or Christmas!).  It’s super easy, tastes amazing, and is festively colored.  It’s cranberry salsa.  Yes friends, salsa, made with cranberries instead of tomatoes.

I know it sounds crazy-hear me out.  Last year I wanted to bring something unique and fun to several holiday gatherings that we were invited to, and when I stumbled across a recipe for cranberry salsa, I thought to myself “this will either be disgusting or amazing.”  It was weird enough that I made a batch for Scott and I to test out, and ya’ll- no joke, we ate the entire thing in a day.  It was SO. FREAKING. GOOD.  When we brought it to a few parties, people were raving about it.  People have asked us this year if we are going to be making that “amazing cranberry stuff”.  People who are sworn cranberry haters have asked us for the recipe.  It’s the real deal. Since when has anyone remembered what I brought to a party a year later?  Um, since never!

Bonus- it’s gluten free and vegan, so everyone can enjoy! 🙂 It’s also super quick to whip up and doesn’t require a stove or oven which is AWESOME when you are cooking a million other things!

The salsa is a perfect blend of spicy, sweet and lime with a ton of flavor.  I wish I was brilliant enough to have come up with the recipe myself- but alas, I found it right here. Make it yourself- I guarantee it will be the most unique, talked of thing for years to come.  I prefer to cut down on the sugar by half when I make it, but try it for yourself and see!

Also make sure you enjoy a festive cocktail anytime you are cooking. 🙂 Only if it’s red or green or gold.

Anyone else have any must try recipes for Thanksgiving? Please share- we are hosting our families this year and want to make it extra delish!  We have some fun things in store for everyone, so cross your fingers for us that it all falls into place before Thursday! 🙂

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