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Dating Dallas: Deep Ellum

I’m excited to share another one of my favorite spots in Dallas with you all—Deep Ellum! It’s a neighborhood in Dallas that is known for being an artsy, laid-back area with lots and lots of character. I’m so excited to share the area with you guys today!

Deep Ellum Dallas, TX_0001

It also happens to house one of my favorite restaurants, Cafe Brazil. Luckily for us it was a gorgeous sunny Sunday with temperatures in the high 60’s, so we snagged a spot outside to soak up some much needed vitamin D.

Deep Ellum Dallas, TX_0002 Deep Ellum Dallas, TX_0003

One of the reasons I’m so partial to Cafe Brazil is because Scott and I spent our first date there. <3 Awww. Also the food is incredibly tasty and the coffee is self-serve and all you can drink. Caffeinate me!!! It’s the perfect place to grab brunch or a snack with some coffee and write up some daydreams in a notebook. 😉

Deep Ellum Dallas, TX_0004 Deep Ellum Dallas, TX_0005 Deep Ellum Dallas, TX_0006

After grabbing brunch we strolled around and looked at some of the street art. There are so many colors and murals and sculptures!

Deep Ellum Dallas, TX_0007 Deep Ellum Dallas, TX_0008 Deep Ellum Dallas, TX_0009 Deep Ellum Dallas, TX_0010 Deep Ellum Dallas, TX_0011 Deep Ellum Dallas, TX_0012 Deep Ellum Dallas, TX_0013 Deep Ellum Dallas, TX_0014 Deep Ellum Dallas, TX_0015 Deep Ellum Dallas, TX_0016 Deep Ellum Dallas, TX_0017

I am kind of obsessed with this storefront and their streamer display. It makes me so happy to see all the colors and textures. It’s called the Color Condition—check out their fun videos here! Also, fun fact—I got my belly button pierced when I was in college in Deep Ellum! Not at the Tigger’s Tattoo…but somewhere around there. I took it out this year but it was a fun ride while I had it. 🙂

Deep Ellum Dallas, TX_0018 Deep Ellum Dallas, TX_0019 Deep Ellum Dallas, TX_0020

No trip to Deep Ellum would be complete without a trip into Lula B’s. The store is packed with vintage goods and clothing. It’s just fun to spend an hour or so looking through the treasures.

Deep Ellum Dallas, TX_0021 Deep Ellum Dallas, TX_0022 Deep Ellum Dallas, TX_0023 Deep Ellum Dallas, TX_0024

Then it was back out into the sunshine for a few more mural sightings. There’s some crazy-talented artists out there!

Deep Ellum Dallas, TX_0025 Deep Ellum Dallas, TX_0026 Deep Ellum Dallas, TX_0027


Deep Ellum Dallas, TX_0028

I always felt like Dallas was so cool to have an entire area dedicated to art and self-expression. Does your city have anything like that?

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  1. So fun! I haven’t been down in that area in for-ev-er!! I haven’t eat at Cafe Brazil in about 6 years (date with another boy -eek). I love that y’all had your first date there! Wasn’t the weather beautiful last week? I love that you get out and explore. We never do 🙁

  2. Um yes…I will be watching just the Super Bowl commercials too. Loving these neighborhood intros. I visited Dallas once years ago for business and I never knew it had so many interesting places. I just remember steak houses and a mall with a skating rink 🙂

  3. Can you believe that I have never been to Deep Ellum? We have lived in the DFW area for the better part of 15 years, yet I have still never made it out there. I think I will have to rectify that this spring.

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