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Dating Dallas: The Farmer’s Market

A few weeks ago we had an incredible bout of warm, spring-worthy weather. It was sunny, 70 degrees and there was a perfect breeze. Even better—it stayed that way through the weekend. So I had to take advantage of the nicest winter day of all time and head out to one of my favorite outdoor locations in all of Dallas—the Dallas Farmer’s Market!

dallas farmers market_0009

If you are just joining for the Dating Dallas series, I’ve been sharing my favorite places around town to highlight how fantastic of a city Dallas really is. We are definitely way cooler than the stereotype of cowboys, cacti and horses. Promise—there’s nary tumbleweed in sight around here. 🙂

Okay, fine. I did find a cactus to show you guys, see? 😛

dallas farmers market_0003

I’ve been going to the Dallas farmer’s market for the last ten years or so. It’s been fun to see how the area has grown and changed and it’s become much more crowded as the movement towards buying local, farm-fresh food has taken the area by storm. I’ve shared about going before in this post here.

The Farmer’s Market is nestled in the east part of downtown Dallas. While they are Thursdays- Mondays from 8-5, you’ll find more vendors (and customers!) during the weekends which is when we normally go. Right now there is a bunch of construction going on as they introduce some really exciting new things! You can read here for more info, but they are adding community gardens, urban housing, restaurants, shops and more! So excited to see it all…is it bad I want to live there? 🙂

dallas farmers market_0002 dallas farmers market_0004 dallas farmers market_0005 dallas farmers market_0006 dallas farmers market_0007

The best part of the Farmer’s Market is strolling around, talking to all the farmers and artisans. We buy fresh eggs there from a vendor and love looking at the pictures of her “babies” (chickens!). I love knowing that these animals are well taken care of—that’s worth an extra $2 to me over the grocery store brands. Outside of the eggs though, almost everything we buy there is produce.

dallas farmers market_0008

dallas farmers market_0001

I’m telling you guys—there’s nothing like taking a sample of farm-fresh cantaloupe, and tasting the juicy sweetness except for doing all of that and then taking it home!

dallas farmers market_0010 dallas farmers market_0011 dallas farmers market_0012

Look how beautiful and fresh everything is. So good!

dallas farmers market_0013 dallas farmers market_0014 dallas farmers market_0015 dallas farmers market_0016 dallas farmers market_0017

Sad story for you guys—Scott lost his wedding ring at the Farmer’s Market about 4 months after we got married! He didn’t realize it until later because I was really sick. We left and rushed to Care Now, where after a 3-hour wait (literally) I was diagnosed with mono. Poor Scott had to fess up about his ring, we drove back to the Farmer’s Market and were crawling on the ground with flashlights looking for it. The police showed up (I’m sure they have a security system) and when we told them what we were doing the two officers helped us look but it was never found. Such a crazy day!! Thanks anyways to the Dallas PD! J And Scott is now very careful with his ring…especially at the Farmer’s Market haha!

After we gathered all the produce we needed, we took a quick pit stop to grab a Topo Chico from a vendor. So refreshing!

dallas farmers market_0018

Do you all shop at a farmer’s market? I would encourage you to give it a shot! Most cities have one now, and if yours doesn’t it’s worth the drive just to check it out! 🙂

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