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Baby Boy Nursery Ideas: 11 Adorable Themes

Welcome your new baby boy into your home with any of these adorable baby boy nursery ideas. Explore cute themes and tons of decoration inspo to help make the nursery of your dreams!

Nursery decorating is so special; it’s just one part of the love and care we put into welcoming our new little ones into this world.

If you’re expecting a new baby, odds are you’ve put some thought into how you want to decorate their new room. 

Earlier this summer, I had my second born – a sweet baby boy. Ever since my pregnancy with him, I’ve been so inspired by baby boy nursery ideas. 

While his nursery is already complete, my obsession knows no end! So if you’re in search of the perfect themed nursery, I have tons of ideas for you.

I’ve compiled a master list of baby boy nursery ideas with popular themes, related products, and decorating tips. 

These ideas are also completely unisex, so if you don’t know what you’re having or are looking to decorate a gender-neutral nursery, these ideas will work perfectly!

11 Adorable baby boy nursery themes

These themes are totally on-trend for 2022. Explore sweet baby boy nursery ideas with themes that range from adventurous, to dreamy, to cosmic!

1. Travel 

Instill an early sense of adventure in your young one with this exciting travel-themed nursery. 

Set the nursery off right with a decorative compass wall fixture. This design is in a modern color with a classic design that will grow with your little boy.

A cozy, worldly quilt will be totally sweet in a nursery. I love the map details with quirky illustrations and a calm blue color palette. 

Other cute components include plentiful maps, automotive details, and blue and green tones. 

More travel baby boy nursery ideas:

travel themed nursery
via The Every Mom

2. Outer Space

Design a dreamy, cosmic nursery with an outer space theme. 

Include an out-of-this-world mural with this peel-and-stick constellation wallpaper. It gives the perfect backdrop to this spacey nursery. 

Hang a personalized star map to celebrate the moment your new baby boy came into your life!

Other necessities of an outer space baby boy nursery include bright, varied light fixtures, starry details, and metallic accents. 

More outer space baby boy nursery ideas:

outer space themed nursery
via Pink Pineapple Press

3. Western

Create a cowboy haven with a western-themed baby boy nursery.

Play on the horse trope with this fun pony mobile. I love this combination of crocheted horses, wooden moon, and wool clouds. 

This brown cow ottoman is a total centerpiece! Add it to your western nursery for a major statement. 

Other key details include wood and woven materials, cowhide prints, and deep shades of terracotta. 

More western baby boy nursery ideas:

western cowboy themed nursery
via Jessie Jarvis

4. Garden 

Bring the outdoors in with a garden wonderland nursery!

Set off your garden nursery with a set of custom botanical prints

For a super unique plush, add a sweet stuffed daffodil flower. It’ll be the lowest maintenance plant in your household!

The obvious staples of this baby boy nursery theme include tons of floral details, sweet garden creatures, and decorative greens. 

More garden baby boy nursery ideas:

Garden themed nursery
via McCabe House

5. Cottage Core 

Bring your cottage core fantasy to life with these sweet baby boy nursery ideas. 

These mason jar wall sconces are tres kitschy; the remote control fairy lights add a touch of fairytale wonder to the design. 

For the perfect cottage core wall art, get a hold of these adorable vintage animal prints. The cream and blue color palette is completely nursery-approved.

Important cottage core details include vintage-inspired decor, woodland details, and little mushroom touches. 

More cottage core baby boy nursery ideas:

cottage themed nursery
via Francis Photographs

6. National Parks

Create a fresh and woodsy design with a national park-themed baby boy nursery!

Choose a beautiful backdrop to make little baby feel like they’re outdoors; this watercolor pine tree mural is made from easy-to-apply peel-and-stick wallpaper, so you can have a stunning mural without the hassle. 

Add a felted woodland mobile for sweet dreams; it’s almost like camping under the stars!

Other important details include various shades of green, animal accents, and a focus on all things trees.

More national parks baby boy nursery ideas:

green upholstered rock in a baby boy's room

Interested in some more national park decor inspiration? I’ve recently shared my little boy’s national park-themed nursery. Take a peek: Baby Boy Nursery Tour: National Parks Themed Nursery.

7. Woodland Creatures 

Take a gander through the woods with these baby boy nursery ideas packed with friendly woodland creatures!

pinecone pendant lamp is the perfect feature piece to give off a bit of woodland charm. 

Give your baby’s plush woodland friends a place to live with a macrame toy hammock

Key aspects of this nursery include natural, wooden elements, greens and browns, and featured stuffed animals!

More woodland creature baby boy nursery ideas:

woodland creatures themed nursery
via Tracey’s Fancy

8. Jungle Safari 

Create the excitement of a jungle safari with these exciting design features.

This giraffe grow chart is one of the sweetest additions to this theme. Watch as your baby boy grows into this nursery; they’ll be using this chart before you know it!

Also include hanging vines, giant monsteras, and tons of animal accents. 

More jungle safari baby boy nursery ideas:

Jungle themed nursery
via Rachel’s Crafted Life

9. Beach & Shells 

Emulate the perfect beach house vibe with a beachy boy nursery.

While traditional beach-themed spaces are popular, I find that they can come across as a little dated or expected.

Still, I love the idea of a baby boy nursery with soft, sandy touches and a focus on shells and shell tones.

Shells are a necessity in this theme to keep the nursery looking modern and neutral. A vintage shell chandelier will add so much charm to the space.

Include a reading canopy for you and baby to curl up into together (just like a beach cabana!). 

Make sure to include soft shades of blue, cute sea creatures, and a touch of beach grass in your design. 

More beachy baby boy nursery ideas:

via The Lady Slipper

10. Day Dreamscape 

While some love the tranquility of a night sky, others are quite partial to the daytime. Add a bit of dreamy wonder to your baby boy’s nursery with this day dreamscape theme. 

Emulate a bright, cloudy sky with this pastel cloud wallpaper; this mural is almost otherworldly; it’s so beautiful. I love the gorgeous pastel colors that blend together for a perfectly dreamy effect. 

Alternatively, you can go more neutral with ivory walls with additional fabric cloud wall stickers. These wall decals are hand-drawn and add a subtle yet effective design to a nursery. 

When designing this space, make sure you include an ultra-dreamy mobile, bright and varying light fixtures, and calm shades of cream and baby blue. 

More dreamy baby boy nursery ideas:

Day Dreamscape themed nursery
via Sammy on State

Final thoughts

When you’re working on decorating your little one’s nursery, keep all of these fabulous baby boy nursery ideas in mind!

Take one of these themes and make it your own to make the perfect nursery for your sweet angel. 

Let me know your favorite themes and baby boy nursery ideas in the comments down below!

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