Best Places to Buy a Rug for Your Home

Area rugs are the perfect design detail to pull a room together. But where can you go to find beautiful, unique pieces? I have 12 of the best places to buy a rug for your home + gorgeous examples to inspire your home decorating!

Rugs are the ultimate way to make a room feel cozy and complete. Finding the perfect rug, however, is a whole different story. 

If you’re struggling to find the right area rug for your needs, I have the resources for you!

I’ve compiled 12 of the best places to buy a rug for your home; they all provide stunning area rugs for various uses, spaces, and decor styles. 

I also included a stunning rug example from each source so that you can get a feel for what they offer. 

Join me as we venture into the wonderful world of area rugs (your feet will thank me!). 

What to look for in a rug

When looking to purchase a new rug, you’ll want to go a little beyond your first instincts. Rugs can vary in quality and longevity, so it’s important to keep in mind a few key details:


Consider your budget. If you can’t afford a costly rug, that’s ok! Just remember that you get what you pay for.

Paying a little more for a rug that will last you 10+ years will be a lot more budget-conscious than buying a cheaper rug that is ruined after a year. 


Quality and comfort are both affected by the materials used in your rug. While stiff materials like jute look stylish, they’re often uncomfortable to walk on.

Shag rugs are soft and fluffy under your feet but can be quickly wrecked by pets, vacuums, and regular wear and tear.

Find materials that offer a happy medium for your needs. Look for high-quality blends of cotton, wool, and synthetics. 


It’s important that your rug has a color that matches your space and has serious staying power! 

Try picking color palettes that are adaptable to multiple decor styles so you won’t need to buy a new one if you redecorate often. 

12 Best places to buy a rug

If you’re ready to get browsing, I have the 12 best places for you to buy rugs both in-store and online! Explore these gorgeous examples to find the area rug of your dreams. 

1. World Market 

If you want an eclectic variety of worldwide imports and chic, handmade rugs, check out World Market. 

They have a huge selection of rugs that range from boho to worldly. 

I love this Chelsea blush and blue Persian-style rug. The soft hues look perfectly worn and faded for a vintage appeal that still looks super high-end.

2. Boutique Rugs

For farmhouse, bohemian, and contemporary styles, take a peek at what Boutique Rugs has to offer. 

They also have tons of size options and washable rugs that are stain-proof and pet friendly. 

Shop by style or color option to find your perfect fit!

This fadey washable area rug takes the fear out of owning a white rug! It’s simple to wash or spot clean, and the pattern keeps things interesting (even in a neutral tone).

3. West Elm

With trusted brands and high-end names, West Elm is hard to beat for rug quality.

Though they tend to be a little more pricey, the quality is well worth the price tag; this high quality makes West Elm one of the best places to buy a rug!

They have both adult and kids options, so you can furnish any space – even the nursery. 

Their most popular rugs are a good mix between beachy, neutral, and slightly distressed. You can shop by room, rug solution, and more. 

One of West Elm’s most popular picks is this stunning sunset lake rug; it’s made from a soft blend of wool and viscose to be comfortable under feet. 

This rug would look amazing in just about any space! Add it to your dining room, bedroom, or living room or a subtle touch of waves. 

4. Rifle Paper Co.

You know it for their stationary, but did you know that Rifle Paper Co. is also one of the best places to buy a rug?

Rifle Paper Co. has an entire home line! Browse their furniture, throw pillows, and of course, their rugs.

Their designs range between floral feminine and youthful contemporary. For this reason, they fit all age ranges. 

This joie hydrangea wool-hooked rug is a total treat; the blend of sage with stunning cream hydrangeas and foliage is incredibly feminine and beautifully illustrates a connection to the natural world.

These large-scale blooms will help tie any room together. Try it in a home office or as an entryway greeter. 

5. Kohls 

While Kohls doesn’t have any one particular rug style, they have a ton of browsing potential, so be ready to join the hunt for the perfect area rug.

Find affordable prices for any price point with tons of options and classic basics. 

This Monaco vintage bohemian rug is filled with gorgeous bits of color to help bring life to your space. Add additional decor in these hues to really make the rug pop!

6. Ruggable

This brand specializes in machine washable rugs, even their faux hide designs! All of their rugs fit in a standard home washing machine.

Their longevity and durability make them one of the best places to buy a rug.

Ruggable is definitely worth the look, especially if you have pets or young children. 

You can browse tons of indoor and outdoor options for your ideal area rug. 

The modern lines of this absida sage rug are so on trend right now; the mirrored arches are clean, simple, and, somehow, really joyful!

Choose between sage, rainbow, teal, and grayscale for this fun rug. 

7. Home Depot

While home depot is well known in the construction and home renovation spaces, they also have some really beautiful homeware!

This modern indoor area rug could suit almost any space! Both the color and design are super versatile and would easily fit a variety of decor styles. 

8. Target 

This one-stop-shop has everything you could ever need to decorate your home. Target is super accessible both online and in-store. 

They have fun, rotating rug designs that are both on-trend and in season. 

From $13 door mats to huge area rugs, Target truly has it all!

This elderberry snake skin area rug is a special gem; the color palette is muted and understated but is jazzed up by the wild snakeskin pattern!

I think this rug would look fabulous in a dressing area or living space, wherever you want a bit of subtle glamor!

9. Rugs USA

Find amazing deals, discounts, and clearouts at Rugs USA. 

Shop by color, style, or function for easy browsing. They have really popular styles in jute, shag, and washable materials. 

You can even use their online program to visualize any of their gorgeous rugs in your space!

If you’re looking for the ultimate chameleon of the area rug world, try this handwoven jute-blend rug; it will look amazing in any space!

While jute is notoriously rough on our feet, this rug is blended with ultra-soft cotton yarn so you can enjoy the beautiful jute style while still being kind to your soles. 

10. All Modern

Discover modern pieces, fun geometrics, and throwback charm with All Modern rugs; they have plenty of playful rugs you won’t find anywhere else. It’s definitely one of the best places to buy a rug.

This Jem Terri wool rug might just be my favorite item on this list; I adore the fun, speckled design on the ivory backdrop; 70’s terrazzo is incredibly on-trend right now! 

The blue and burnt-orange accents are super fun and whimsical while perfectly coinciding with an otherwise neutral color palette.

11. Wayfair 

I like to call Wayfair the furniture mecca of the online world! They have amazing rotating deals with rugs for any design preference or budget. 

I was super inspired by this Rosemarie power loom graphite rug; the colors in this rug are really unique with classic, vintage beauty. 

This rug would look incredibly sophisticated in a living room, den, or home library. 

12. Amazon 

What doesn’t Amazon have?

This incredibly convenient service can get you a stunning area rug in just days (or hours if you play your cards right!). 

Amazon has endless browsing potential, budget-friendly options, and an extremely helpful return policy (just in case your rug doesn’t work out). 

This mid-century modern accent rug is kitschy-cool with bright pops of color against bold, black and white lines (I love the rose pink detailing!). 

Use this rug in your space for a cute, graphic touch.

Final thoughts: Best places to buy a rug

Have you found the perfect area rug for your space? Keep browsing the best places to buy a rug for your home, and you’ll be sure to find one in no time!

Let me know your favorite places to buy rugs in the comments down below. 

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