The 40+ Most Popular Cute Wallpapers For Your iPhone {Free Girly Wallpapers & Pretty Backgrounds}

Who doesn’t love cute wallpapers – especially if they are free? I’ve been collecting tons of cute iphone wallpapers over the years, and finally got my favorite ones all in one spot. Confession: these are mostly girly wallpapers – and I’m 100% okay with that! 🙂 There are over 40 cute wallpapers here – so grab them all! 🙂

I have been loving the cute iPhone wallpapers that I have seen all over the internet and put together some of my favorites. These patterns are so cute and I find myself changing my lock screen frequently just to admire each and every one of these cute phone wallpapers! Plus, who doesn’t love free iphone wallpaper? 

If you’re looking for desktop wallpapers, I’ve got you covered! Check out my round up of 20 free and fab wallpapers for your computer here.

How to Download Free iPhone Wallpaper

***Note: to download all these cute wallpapers, please click the link below each one to visit the original website they came from—if you try to use these they will be too pixilated. Plus you’ll be missing out on these incredible designers’ websites— there are a ton more cute iPhone wallpapers on many of their sites! :)***

Girly Wallpapers

These pretty wallpapers are perfect for showing off your girly side. While there are tons of cute wallpapers for girls, these caught my eye—I’m sure you’ll think they are cool too! 🙂 

Free iphone wallpaper with bobby pin background in yellow, blue and pink

cute girly wallpaper! pastel bobby pin wallpaper found here


Girly wallpapers - this pretty wallpaper has pink and gold with white and is abstract.

all my favorite things are in this pastel girly iPhone wallpaper – pink, gold and abstract

Girly wallpapers - close up of pink flower on white background, simple and pretty

definitely one of the pretty wallpapers for your iphone 



one of my favorite pretty wallpapers – how gorgeous are these lilacs?

Cute wallpapers for girls - close up pink rosehow pretty is this rose background? i love that shade of pink.


Girly wallpapers with rose gold glitter

hard to find anything as pretty as this rose gold glitter wallpaper! need this on my iphone asap

This cute wallpaper has a pastel pink background and has a slice of pizza covered with flowersokay, it literally cannot get any better than pizza…unless you top a slice of pizza with a bunch of flowers—such a cute girly wallpaper!

Cute backgrounds - this one has a marble background with a rose gold accent

this marble and rose gold background is so pretty – definitely a cute wallpaper for girls


cute wallpapers with a stack of pastel macarons on a mint pastel background

can it get much more perfect for girly wallpapers than to have macarons on a pastel backdrop? didn’t think so. 😉



cute iphone wallpapers with hand-drawn nutella jars


get this yummy Nutella wallpaper right here


cute phone backgrounds with illustrated lemons

get this cute lemon wallpaper here

Cute Wallpapers

Okay, I know cute iPhone wallpapers are a subjective thing, but I feel like everyone will think these are absolutely adorable! All the heart eyes for these, please. ?

Cute wallpapers - this one has a illustrated alpaca on a pastel blue background!

the first of many cute wallpapers with animals! i love this illustrated alpaca and the adorable pastel background!

Cute wallpapers! This hand-drawn bunny with squishy cheeks is on a pastel pink background
such a cute squishy bunny! one of the cutest wallpapers ever

Pastel cute background of a drawn cat with a heart
one of my favorite cute wallpapers! how adorable is this cute little cat on that ombre pastel background?

Cute wallpapers! This iphone background is a pastel mint and has a cat with zipper

this cute wallpaper seriously makes me want to reach into my iphone and cuddle that cute kitty! plus, that pastel mint is one of my favorite colors!

Cute wallpaper of a cat with a slice of pizza over his head.

i don’t know what it is about all these cats but this one is another cute wallpaper…i mean—look at that pizza slice lol


Adorable background of painted cats!

here’s another cute wallpaper featuring cats! there are so many but this watercolor version really stood out.

Cute wallpapers post - this one is an otter with a blue background

i think otters are the cutest animals out there! the way they play is just so adorable…i definitely have this one saved on my iphone for whenever i need a pick me up.

Pusheen the cat iphone wallpaper - group of cute cats on a sailboathave you all heard of pusheen the cat? i just discovered her and she is so cute! here’s a pretty iphone background featuring her on a sailboat. 

Drawn unicorn cute iphone wallpaper with a pastel pink background

what’s cuter than a pastel pink background? what about a pretty iphone background featuring a prancing unicorn? 🙂

Cute wallpaper drawing of a unicorn with galaxy backgounr

speaking of cute wallpapers with unicorns, here’s another one. i love this galaxy background, it’s so pretty!

Free iphone wallpaper with watercolored watermelons


cute summer wallpaper with watermelons found here



Cute iphone background with watercolored strawberries

watercolor strawberry wallpaper found here

Pastel iPhone Wallpaper

I know pastels aren’t for everyone, but I love them (in case you couldn’t tell from my blog, haha) and these cute wallpapers were too hard to pass up. These would definitely be cool wallpapers for girls (or boys!) who want to embrace the pastel life on their phones—do it! 

Cute iphone wallpapers with watercolored Starbucks frappuccino

pastel Starbucks wallpaper found here – hooray for coffee!

Pretty wallpaper download of palm trees with pastel pink background
pastel pink background with palm trees? yes, please. grab this pretty iPhone background here.

Cute wallpapers - beach shot with pastel colors

here’s a pretty pastel beach background that is perfect for summer (or winter!)


Cute wallpaper iphone with pastel colored stripes
pretty pastel stripes for the win on this pretty wallpaper
…download here!

Cute Summer Wallpapers

Summer iPhone wallpaper is here, woohoo! Choose between pineapple iPhone wallpaper or cute cactus wallpaper…maybe a pretty beach scene…or just grab them all! These cute summer wallpapers are perfect for showing off during the warmer months (or use them in the winter to warm yourself up, LOL).

Free iphone wallpaper with hand drawn pineapple pattern

get this pineapple wallpaper here


summer iPhone Wallpaper - Cute cactus wallpaper painted in watercolor

get this cute cactus wallpaper here

Free iphone wallpapers with watercolored cacti blooming pink flowers on a millennial pink background

cute cactus wallpaper with a pink background found here

Cute cactus wallpaper with pastel colors - all painted
painted cactus wallpaper found here – one of my favorite girly wallpapers for summer

Cute cactus wallpaper with pastel pink background. Girly and fun.
another perfect pastel cute cactus wallpaper – definitely one of  my fav pretty phone backgrounds

okay..one more of my favorite girly wallpapers is this cute cactus wallpaper

Cute iPhone wallpaper with ombre pink and orange flamingos

get this flamingo wallpaper here

pastel iphone wallpaper of a beach with waves

one more pastel beach iPhone wallpaper – i can’t help it! so gorgeous

Cute iPhone Wallpapers with Quotes 

Sometimes you just need a word or two of encouragement. When you happen to be picking up your phone once or twice an hour, isn’t it nice to see an inspirational quote background every once in a while? These cute wallpapers will be cheering you on as you take on the day…you go, girl! 

Iphone wallpaper download with quote. Black and white stripe background with pink and gold.

motivational quote iPhone wallpaper found here

Inspirational quote iphone wallpaper with pastel pink background

grab this pink aesthic quote wallpaper background here

Quote iphone wallpaper - inspirational!

i like a quote with attitude! grab this free wallpaper here

Quote iphone wallpapers with paint background - cute wallpaperdownload this positive iphone wallpaper here

Inspirational quote wallpaper for iphonehere’s another positive aesthetic iPhone wallpaper for you!

So which is your favorite out of all these cute wallpapers? Do you like the girly wallpapers or the summer iPhone wallpapers or the pastel backgrounds? I just can’t pick!! I’m currently rocking the pink pastel cactus one, but I have a feeling a lot of you will be Team Nutella. 😛

Collage of cute iPhone wallpapers to download for free!

PS- If you need some downloadable freebies for your computer, I’ve got you covered… here are 20 free desktop wallpapers for you to download! Lots of visual goodness coming your way!



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  1. I loveeee these wall papers! Thanks so much for rounding up all on these 🙂 My husband would totally LOVE the nutella one haha he is obsessed! I love the water melon one! Anddd ps you have the CUTEST blog!!
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  2. Oh my, these are beautiful! I love them all! Thank you for including my watermelon one that I shared on Oh So Beautiful Paper 🙂 Great roundup!

  3. I really love these wallpapers! It will definitely be hard to chose which one I like the best! Thank you for sharing these!

    xoxo kaylee

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