Paris Vacation Photos- Part One

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I hope you all enjoyed the photos from our trip to London I shared earlier this week! As promised, I have a TON of photos from our Parisian adventure to share with you all today. It was such an odd feeling going through these photos—was I really there a month ago? And did I really take all of these photos with my iPhone? Yes and yes.

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Ten Quick & Budget Friendly Ways to Decorate for Christmas

easy cheap ways to decorate for Christmas from

Last week I got to share our Christmas house tour along with a bunch of other super talented bloggers. I got several emailed questions about how I decide what to bring in when decorating for the holidays, and if I had any tips for low-budget decor, so I thought it’d be fun to share my top 10 budget-friendly Christmas decorating tips!

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Our London Trip Photos

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Remember a few weeks ago when Scott and I spent an amazing nine days in London and Paris? I finally have had a chance to sit down and start sorting through photos from our trip. Ya’ll. Is it weird to feel “homesick” for a place that’s not home? Miss it so much already!

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2014 Christmas Home Tour

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I’m super excited to be a part of Lindsay’s Blogger Stylin’ Home Tour—Christmas Edition today! If you are just joining us on the tour you can start the entire thing from the beginning at her blog here! If you are joining from the fab blog Simple Stylings, welcome! I’ve got lots of goodies in store for you today! ‘Tis the season!!

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Cedar Closet Makeover

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Lately we’ve been finding moths in our house a few times a week. Not swarms of them, or anything giant and scary, but we will be watching television, or lying in bed reading and all of a sudden a tiny gray-winged insect will appear. I’m still not sure where they are coming from, but I know for sure I don’t want a whole bunch of them feeding on our clothes! So when CedarSafe offered me the opportunity to try some of their cedar-planked natural closet liners, I was super excited to give them a try! You see, these cedar planks really solve a two-fold problem for us. One being the moths and wanting a secure place to store our jackets and linens and the other issue being our little secret at the end of the hallway. See that innocent looking door there? I give my outfits a once-over in front of that mirror every single morning. But I haven’t actually opened that door in about three months. The last time I did stuff started falling out and I got scared so I just shut it and walked away. I know, terrible. But everyone has that one spot in their home like that, right (please say yes!)?

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Christmas Traditions Blog Tour

fun christmas traditions (1 of 4)

Hi Everyone! I’m sooo excited for the MOST wonderful time of the year!!! Okay, maybe I prefer sunshine to snow, but I can’t resist the joy of the Christmas season. When my friend Rachel over at Like a Saturday invited me to join up with a group of fabulous bloggers and share my favorite Christmas tradition I immediately said yes! If you are joining me over from Chaney’s blog, May Richer Fuller Be, welcome!

When I first started thinking of Christmas traditions there were several things that came to mind. Making homemade pizza with my parents (they met in college working at a pizza shop), fresh baked cookies, opening gifts on Christmas Eve…but the one that I decided to share in more detail is a bit of a non-traditional tradition. Aren’t those fun?

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