The Love List—Vol 1

the love list vol 1

Hi friends! There are so many insanely talented people and gorgeous things on this Earth that I thought it would be fun to highlight some of my favorites from the past few weeks. Here’s what I’m currently loving:

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A Peek Inside My Scrapbook

project life ideas from www.runtoradiance.com_0012

When I was a kid, I decided to make my first scrapbook. I took all the family albums down off the shelves and started picking the pictures I wanted. I cut them, glued them, colored them and glittered them and was so proud of my finished product. Understandably, my parents were not!  My latest scrapbook experience is 100% parent-approved (I hope!).

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My Favorite Alternatives to Cable TV

five awesome alternatives to cable tv from—you'll never miss cable! Time to cut the cord! :)

About 6 months ago, Scott and I decided to make a conscious effort to lighten our monthly bills, and decided to cut out cable tv. We haven’t looked back since! I really don’t know if we’ll ever get cable again.

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10 Free Phone Wallpaper Downloads

free iphone wallpapers_intro

I have been loving the cute free phone wallpaper that I have seen all over the internet and put together some of my favorites. These patterns are so cute and I find myself changing my lock screen frequently just to admire them all!

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Our Pink Master Bedroom

pink master bedroom from www.runtoradiance.com_0006

The title kind of gives the end result away, but when it came to deciding on a bedroom color I faced quite an internal dilemma. I had been drooling over the gorgeous blush-colored rooms I’d been watching on Pinterest for a while, but I wasn’t so sure how that would translate into my real life. I wanted a pink master bedroom really, really badly, but I wasn’t so sure how Scott would feel.

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Our Secret House Flip—Before & After Pics

house flip intro

I’ve been keeping a secret from you all—a pretty big one! Since we sold our last house and while moving into our new house, we flipped (and have now sold) another house. Whaaaat? We are crazy, I know.

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