White & Bright: Guest Bath Makeover

We have a slew of projects to tackle in our new home, but one of the first ones we’ve done is our guest bath. Call it pride or call it hospitality, we want our guests to feel welcomed and not scared away by all the dark wood paneling and that weird yellow paint that’s everywhere. :P

white bathroom makeover_0001

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Floral Wallpaper Entryway Makeover

I might have found my new favorite spot in the house—our entryway! Yes it’s a small space, but it now has the most gorgeous floral wallpaper of all time and was maybe the fastest dramatic makeover we’ve done—check it out!

anthro watercolor peony wallpaper_0001

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Exterior Makeover Part 2

When we first looked at photos of our new house online before viewing it in person, we both just kept saying, it’s cute, but needs paint. I shared earlier that every single room in the new house was painted the same weird shade of yellow. We thought from the photos that maybe the exterior brick was a pretty cream, but when we got to see it in person we both realized it was a dirty-looking, off white with yellow undertones. Although we had a lot of work to do in the interior, we were both pretty set on giving the exterior a new look stat with some painted brick. So we did. :)

gray brick painted house_0013 copy

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Exterior Makeover Part 1

I feel like I need to preface this post by saying Scott and I love trees. We really do. We enjoy their beautiful blooms in the spring and year-round shade (especially in Texas). There does come a time, however, when killing a tree (or ten) can be a really good thing. Don’t believe me? Let me show you.

tree removal before and after pics_0001

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Our New House Before Pics (Part Two!)

Hi friends! So excited to share the second half of our before photos from the new house. In case you missed it, check out part one here! Again, keep in mind that every single photo looks yellow-tinted…because EVERY single wall is painted the same shade of yellow and EVERY lightbulb is a weird orangey-yellow…eek!!  Anyways, on to the tour!

Let’s start with my favorite “room” in the house. THE POOL. Yessss!!!

Richardson house before pics_0022

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Our New House—Before Pics (Part One)

Hi!! It took me a bit longer than expected but I’ve got some fun before pics to share with you guys today from our new house! We’ve been here less than a month and absolutely love it. We’ve already got quite a few projects done, so stay tuned for those…but now let’s get to the good stuff—before pics! This house is quite a bit bigger than our last so I’m going to split this into two tours so it’s not overwhelming. :) So stay tuned for part two!

Our house is a corner lot in our dream area of Richardson. Absolutely LOVE it! Isn’t it pretty? We even have a front porch. As you can see there is a LOT going on in terms of bushes/trees everywhere…not in a good way LOL.

Richardson house before pics_0001 Richardson house before pics_0002

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