Easy Felt Ball Garland

I’m always looking for easy and cute ways to add some color and whimsy into our home. Lately, I’ve been loving the playful garland look that I’ve seen floating around the internet and really wanted to make my own fun version.
easy felt ball garland_0003

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Easy Slow Cooker Pot Roast

Lately life has been so crazy-busy that we’ve been relying on our slow cooker more than ever. While we do try out a bunch of different recipes (thank you, Pinterest!), there’s one that we find ourself making over and over again.

What I love about this recipe—and most slow cooker recipes in general!—is how quick it is to toss together. You can use either sweet potatoes or regular potatoes. We usually opt for sweet potatoes that are peeled and sliced.

easy slow cooker pot roast_0001

easy slow cooker pot roast_0003

I then toss an onion into my food processor and chop it. You can do it with your knife if you are brave…but my eyes are super sensitive and can’t handle it!

easy slow cooker pot roast_0002

Have you all heard of these slow cooker liners? I’m obsessed. When we didn’t have a kitchen the first 5 months in this house during our kitchen remodel, we LIVED off our crockpot and these bags so we could have as few dirty dishes as possible. You literally cook your meal in these, then throw it away! Tada!

easy slow cooker pot roast_0004

I layer the bottom of the liner with onions and the sweet potatoes and top it with the pot roast. I always add a few more onions to the top for extra flavor as well as thyme, garlic, salt and paper. I usually also add some baby carrots in and cook it on low for 8 hours.

easy slow cooker pot roast_0006

easy slow cooker pot roast_0008

Add a glass of Cab Sauv and you’ve got yourself a fantastic dinner. :)

easy slow cooker pot roast_0010

easy slow cooker pot roast_0013


My Favorite Decorating Books

Sometimes when you’re down in the decorating slumps, you just need some good inspiration. Yes, there’s Pinterest and social media and lots of fabulous blogs, but sometimes there’s nothing like unplugging and pulling out a good book. Being both a design blogger and a huge reader, I have amassed quite the collection of decorating books as you can imagine. There are some that I find myself pulling out to thumb through over and over again.

best design books_0001

Ready to hear why?

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Swap it Like it’s Hot

Happy Monday! Super excited to be participating in this year’s #swapitlikeitshot—if you haven’t heard of it before, a bunch of talented bloggers go thrifting, find some random items and mail it to another blogger. Then you have to come up with a unique way to repurpose your items.

indoor cactus garden_0001

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How to Make Large-Scale Prints at Home

I love giving gifts but always put pressure on myself when it comes to finding the perfect present for those closest to me—especially Scott! So I was proud of myself for coming up with a brilliant gift idea days before Valentine’s Day. I was going to make Scott a very simplistic frame with a large-scale type of our song.

how to create large-scale prints at home_0006 copy

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How to Create a Distressed Finish with Paint

You all know that perfect chippy, aged item full of patina that gets your heart racing when you spot it in the corner of a barn-turned-thrift paradise? No? Just me? :) What if I told you that you could take pretty much anything and give it the patina of your dreams?

Well, you can. :)

create distressed finish with modern masters metallic effects paint! check it out at www.runtoradiance.com_0021 copy

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