KitchenAid Stand Mixer Giveaway…and ICE CREAM!


How’s that for a title? Can it get any better than a FREE KitchenAid mixer? It can! You get to pick the color. How will you ever choose? There are so many incredible colors!! Then, on top of that you get a ice cream attachment to go with it. Want more? Okay! What about a copy of The Perfect Scoop by David Lebovitz and a Zak Designs pint-sized ice cream container. Woohoo!


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I’m excited to have teamed up with some really incredible blog friends to bring this giveaway to you all. Enter using the Rafflecopter giveaway below. And, of course, check out all the websites by clicking on the website logos above. :)

Good luck friends! Hopefully you’ll be able to make some of your very own saffron ice cream very, very soon! :)

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Distressing the Mantle and Rearranging Shelves

Hi friends!

I am so happy to be back! Scott and I both got hit hard with a nasty case of food poisoning that left us both out and down for a solid five days. Yikes. Not cute. So, clearly we are a bit behind on our to-do list for the house, but I did manage to peel myself off the couch to do a little project I’ve been wanting to do for months.

So last year when Scott and my dad installed our floating fireplace mantle I had always meant to sand some of the paint off so the wood beam would be more exposed…but I never got around to it. Until now.

distressed floating fireplace mantle_0001

distressed floating fireplace mantle_0002

distressed floating fireplace mantle_0003

I’m actually not sure what kind of paint is on the beam, but it was really challenging to get off. I had to use a trowell to chip and scrape away at the paint. It took me about an hour of scraping and unearthing paint of the solid wood.

distressed floating fireplace mantle_0004

distressed floating fireplace mantle_0005

distressed floating fireplace mantle_0006distressed floating fireplace mantle_0007

With a new mantle look, I was ready to give the entire fireplace a new look. Rust-ouleum was kind enough to send me some of their Mirror Effect spray paint, so I decided to try it out on 3 glass vessels I had—a bottle, an old candle with the wax removed and a vase. Of course I had to use the comfort grip…I’m obsessed with it.

distressed floating fireplace mantle_0008 rust-oleum mirror effect spray paint_0001 rust-oleum mirror effect spray paint_0002

The instructions say to spray the inside of the jars. The reverse side of what you spray will get the mirror finish. I sprayed the inside of two jars and the outside of the tall bottle to test the difference.

I did notice the two I sprayed on the inside were more shiny, but I think you can still spray the outside of a bottle to get a mirror-like look, especially if you want to use it to hold flowers or something.

rust-oleum mirror effect spray paint_0003 rust-oleum mirror effect spray paint_0004

I added my three new mirror-finished jars to the mantle and then added a few favorites back in, including Pride & Prejudice of course.

rust-oleum mirror effect spray paint_0005 rust-oleum mirror effect spray paint_0006 distressed floating fireplace mantle_0009

I also decided to go over the mantle with a sander for a smooth finish.

distressed floating fireplace mantle_0012distressed floating fireplace mantle_0013

Then I decided to re-arrange the bookshelves on either side of the mantle as well…why not?

distressed floating fireplace mantle_0016 So that was how I spent my first full day of health after a week of ickies. :) How did you guys spend your weekend?