Texas Cheater Chili + Souper Bowl Link Up!

easy chili recipe copy

Being from Texas, Scott and I absolutely comprehend the importance of the 7th major food group—chili (in case you were curious, the 6th major food group, of course, is TexMex. Duh). Around here chili is no joke—we have cook offs and intense debates on if real chili has beans or not.

In fact, real Texas chili takes hours to make. There’s special pots, secret seasonings and slow roasted meats involved. My dad makes one of the best chilis around with a secret recipe that takes hours and hours to make. While I love to eat chili there are just times when Scott and I are tired, lazy and just want a chili-like meal to eat. So we came up with this little faux chili recipe we dubbed Cheater Chili. Because it feels like we are cheating when we make it.

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Romantic Valentine’s Day Books for Everyone

best books for valentines day

I love Valentine’s Day. There are so many reasons, but the main one is it gives me an excuse to be sappy and decorate with pink and red and glitter everything. More than that though, I am a total romantic at heart. Over the past year I’ve read so many wonderful, super-romantic books and I wanted to share some of my favorites. Don’t worry!! These are all G-rated (well, maybe PG-13 to be safe!) and totally not creepy at all.

So if you are itching to feel inspired and maybe slightly sappy, here are some of my favorite reads (with a favorite line or two from each!)!

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Dating Dallas: Deep Ellum

I’m excited to share another one of my favorite spots in Dallas with you all—Deep Ellum! It’s a neighborhood in Dallas that is known for being an artsy, laid-back area with lots and lots of character. I’m so excited to share the area with you guys today!

Deep Ellum Dallas, TX_0001

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Cleaning the Garage

I’ve got a confession to make. A few weeks ago, for the first time in five years (and two houses) I parked in my garage for the first time. Yup! That’s true. We’ve had two houses, both with two-car garages and we have never parked inside either. Why? A picture speaks a thousand words…and I might lose my blogger status for this but—here we go.

garage organization_0001

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Cheddar Bacon Popcorn

Popcorn is one of my favorite snacks. I used to stick a bag in the microwave almost daily for a snack after school but like I shared yesterday we are microwave-less. The positive is we have perfected our stovetop popcorn making technique.

There’s been a ton of stuff in the media lately about how bad microwave popcorn is for you. Regardless of your personal health beliefs, I love stovetop popcorn because we use all-natural ingredients, it’s fun to make and it tastes fantastic! We’ve made a lot of variations, but the bacon-salted cheddar popcorn we made last week was a home-run in my book!

bacon cheddar popcorn recipe www.runtoradiance.com_0001 copy

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How to Survive Without a Microwave

how to survive without a microwave

We recently had some friends over for dinner and while we were all cooking they discovered we didn’t have a microwave. I kind of forgot that not having one was weird. Want to know the reason we don’t? Surprisingly it has nothing to do with all the healthy concerns that are floating around the internet!

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