How to Paint a Piano

I’ve been hinting for over a year now that I wanted to paint our piano. Remember when I was gifted a piano by my former boss? When I shared the piano with you all I mentioned I was thinking abut painting it. At the time, I had a house to finish, so piano-painting took a backseat—like way back. But now that we are finally moved in to our new place (pics coming soon, promise!) I decided painting the piano was going to be my very first DIY in our new home. Entering with a bang and all. :) Check it out!

how to paint a piano_0009

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How to Stage a House to Sell

Thank you guys so, so much for your kind words on our big moving announcement. We are so excited (and very tired!). Like I mentioned, our house had multiple offers the first day we listed! I know that was a combination of things—great market and agent, excellent interior design, etc, but Scott and I also attribute a huge part of that to the staging we did in the home.

how to stage a house to sell_intro copy

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HUGE News: We Sold our House!

This is a post that has been literally three years in the making. We have officially SOLD our house. Yes, the one that we spent the last three years of our life pouring blood, sweat and many tears into. I know it seems kind of sudden, so I want to answer a few questions that people around me have asked. SO much to share!

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Hall Bathroom Makeover

It’s been bathroom city around here lately! After we finished the huge master bath remodel, we decided to tackle a hall bath makeover while we were in bathroom mode. :) Since our hall bath served as our main (and only!) bathroom for the last year or so, it was definitely time to give it some love! Check it out!

budget bathroom makeover_0001

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Drool-worthy Appliances

We’ve had our fridge for almost six years now and while it’s served us faithfully, it’s about time to replace it. Luckily for us, Nebraska Furniture Mart just officially opened their doors in Dallas this week! Not only do they have furniture (as the name implies!) but also flooring, computers, televisions and—you guessed it—appliances! I’ve partnered with them in this post to share some of the coolest appliances I have been eyeing lately.

There’s a HUGE selection, but I’ve really had my eyes on the new 4-door fridges. I’ve only ever had 2 doors, so that’s quite the upgrade for us! :) Check out how cool these are:

LG 30 Cubic feet 4-door refrigerator with custom chill drawer:

Screen Shot 2015-05-20 at 9.16.36 PM

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Master Bathroom Reveal!

Happy, happy, happy day! This project has been in the planning stages for over a year now. I’m so excited it’s finally done! I can’t believe this is in our house. Ya’ll…check out these before and after photos. I can’t even believe it’s the same place. I feel so proud of our design!

master bath reveal_0001

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