Girl Talk: My Favorite Skin Care Products

favorite skin care products (1 of 1)

Happy Friday! I thought it would be fun to start a Friday series called “girl talk” where I can share distinctly feminine things with you all. Cause you know I love a little girl talk! :)

Today I thought it’d be fun to share my favorite skin care items. I happen to be super lucky and have an odd combination of dry, yet super sensitive skin. So it’s taken me awhile to figure out what works for me—but these are cult classics that I think everyone will love! :)

1) Clarasonic cleaner. I use the cashmere cleaning head which is awesome for sensitive skin. It feels so soft and luxurious—I look forward to my face washing times every day!

2) Fresh soy face cleaner. I use this with my Clarasonic, but I love how it leaves my face feeling hydrated and clean.

3) Essential oils. I wrote an entire post about how much I love using essential oils as part of my beauty routine, but these two oils in particular deserve another shout out. Frankincense is the single most powerful zit killer I’ve ever used. I use a cotton swab to dab it on at night and in the morning any breakouts are gone. I also use Young Living’s Essential Beauty Serum added into my moisturizer nightly.

4) Josie Maran 100% Argan Oil. Argan oil saved my skin’s life. I picked it up on a whim, and instantly noticed a huge improvement in my skin’s ability to stay moisturized. I use it in my hair and nails as well. I’ve tried other brands of pure argan oil, but I promise you—Josie’s is the best!

5) Hair, skin & nails vitamins. These pills are full of biotin and other vitamins that help keep my skin, hair and nails healthy and fresh.

So those are my favorite ways to take care of my face and keep it so fresh and so clean, clean! What about you guys?

Vintage Camper Remodel Envy

oh darlingvia

The past week has been kind of crappy. We had a streak of bad luck with both of our cell phones on the fritz, our washing machine calling it quits, a (very) large estimate for some foundation work on one of our rental properties and our car starting to act a bit crazy. To top it off I got some less than favorable health news yesterday. Boo. What a week! As much as I (obviously) love having our house, I sometimes daydream a bit about leaving everything behind and hitting the open road.

Apparently I’m not the only one.

Have you all noticed the up-and-coming trend with people selling all their stuff and moving into tiny houses? Like 200 square feet tiny. I think Ikea secretly started that trend with their cool showrooms—you know, the “living in 150 square feet” ones. My favorite downsizing trend, however, have been all the adorable camper remodels that I’ve seen lately. I thought it’d be fun to share a few fun pictures from my favorite ones I’ve seen today!

Like this one, from Ashley at Under the Sycamore:

under the sycamoe 2 under the sycamore

And this beauty from Volume 25:

vol 25

And this amazing collaboration with Anthropologie from Sarah Schneider:

sarah schneider 2 sarah schneider airstream

And all eight (!!) from Nesting Gypsy:

wondering gypsy 2 nesting gypsy

Although she is not finished yet, I have no doubt that this makeover in progress from Vintage Revivals will turn out amazing:

vintage revivals 2 vintage revivals

So who’s with me? Let’s sell all our stuff and downsize to the necessities and go on a road trip. I have a fun mental picture of eating gummy worms, wearing a floppy hat and sweatpants every day. Because that’s how I roll on road trips. :) What do you all think? :)