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The Best of January


Can you guys believe it’s already February? January was a great month with a bunch of fun projects and got 2016 started off perfectly! Check out everything that went on around here last month:

I got to share my trip to Florence, Italy with a ton of photos, recommendations and our first YouTube video! 🙂


I also shared what I wore in Europe since I only took a carry on suitcase for the entire ten days we were there. You can do it—travel light and go further!


I’ve been feeling all things Valentine’s this month too! I made the yummiest smelling sugar scrub with fresh rose petals and essential oils.

this sugar scrub with essential oils and rose petals looks great!

I pulled my sewing machine out for the first time in over a year to sew crepe paper rolls together. Then I made a fun Valentine’s Day display out of them. Long live pink!


I also crossed one of my resolutions off my list by creating a freezer meal plan. It not only helped our budget and our health goals but also tasted delicious!

Freezer meals are the perfect way to cut down on your budget and your waistline. They are so much easier to make than you'd think. Definitely pinning this one!

In other New Year’s resolution news, I also found the perfect planner after years of searching. A month later and the planner and I are still going strong!

I've never been so excited for a planner! Love this 2016 planner- it's totally customizeable and has tons of features you can add like a wedding planner, meal planner, fitness planner and more!

Want to make time for your New Year’s resolutions too? Check out this post on how to make time for your goals. It’s easy and these tips really work!


How was January for you guys? I’d love to hear your favorite thing that happened or your favorite project! 🙂

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