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Green Two-Tone Kitchen Cabinets: The Future is Green!

Green two-tone kitchen cabinets have won my heart (sorry white cabinets!). Green is the new big thing when it comes to the kitchen. From rich emerald to soft mint, there’s a shade of green to suit any kitchen space. Indulge in these 14 stunning green two-tone kitchen cabinets for some colorful inspiration!

Is green the new white? I love an all-white kitchen as much as the next person, but in an extreme turn of events, color is coming back in a big way!

And who is leading the charge of this color revolution? Mr. Green is at the head of the cavalry.

Dive into the home designer’s new kitchen obsession with these 14 green two-tone kitchen cabinets. 

green two tone kitchen cabinets collage style pin

The rising popularity of green kitchens

So what’s the source of this green kitchen obsession? Look no further than at Ms. Dakota Johnson.

Ever since the release of her home tour for Architectural Digest, home designers everywhere have been shocked and awed by her beautiful green kitchen.

The decorative limes? The perfect shade of sage green? It’s easy to see why we all fell in love. 

Beyond the pop-culture influence, green two-tone kitchens are appealing to the masses.

So why are we so drawn to green? I think it has a lot to do with the versatility of the color. Depending on the chosen shade, it can make a room feel homey, vintage, or calm. 

Regardless of your intended mood, green cabinets suit kitchens well because the room is a natural gathering place; green lends itself to this welcoming comfort in most shades.

14 green two-tone kitchen cabinets 

I’ve compiled a range of green kitchens so that you can find the one that best fits your home. Discover which green-tone kitchen cabinets most speak to you!

1) Dusty green two-tone kitchen cabinets

This contemporary kitchen combines dusty green lower cabinets with clean white cabinets on top. The effect is open, light, and joyful!

The black appliances and gold accents make the kitchen stand out from the pack. 

sage green lower kitchen cabinets in a casual kitchen
via Hummingbird High

2) Emerald two-tone

For a little more drama, check out these bold emerald green cabinets. While the upper cabinets remain a neutral white, this darker shade of green gives off a totally different vibe from the first!

Emerald combined with wicker and copper elements gives the room a slightly bohemian flair without skimping on sophistication.

emerald cabinet paint
via Ashton Blog

3) Nantucket gray kitchen

This green two-tone kitchen combines a sagey green-gray cabinet paint with a gray-blonde wooden island. Together they create a classically beautiful kitchen. 

The coordinating floor tile helps this kitchen shine!

brightly lit kitchen space with large wooden island
via Jenny Komenda

4) Soft blue-green

For those who adore sweet, feminine styles, you’re going to love this soft blue-green kitchen. The lower blue-green cabinets sparkle in contrast with the white upper cabinets. 

If you’re drawn to more bluish shades, I have an entire post for you on blue two-tone kitchen cabinets

seafoam green painted lower cabinets against a large bright area rug
via Holland Avenue Home

5) Black & green two-tone kitchen cabinets

Black and green two-tone kitchen cabinets are a gamble with maximum return! 

This kitchen goes for the gold with smoky green cabinets and a black island. The results are modern and welcoming. And all with an exposed-brick background? Enviable.

black and green two tone kitchen
via Thomas Ford & Sons

6) Simple sage kitchen cabinets

Sage is kind of a big deal. If my instincts are correct, it’s definitely the next millennial pink!

This kitchen lets sage speak for itself with its simplistic design. The sage lower cabinets are contrasted with white uppers for that two-tone effect we know and love. 

This design even features white appliances, a previously dated feature that is definitely on the up and up! I have a post on the great white appliance comeback of 2022 here

small white and green kitchen space
via Painted by Kayla Payne

7) Bold green two-tone

These green two-toned kitchen cabinets are not for the faint of heart! But a little risk makes life way more interesting. 

This kitchen collages color and pattern for a fun, campy rendition of the green kitchen trend.

The bright kelly green color of the lower cabinets is a recurring theme; it comes back in the backsplash and pop art mural. This helps bring unity to a playful design.

The upper cabinets are a gentle peach shade, providing a little warmth to the room.

close up of bright green painted cabinetry
via LAJ Photos

8) Dark green cabinets

Nothing excites me more than a gorgeous shade of forest green. These green lower cabinets meld perfectly with dark appliances.

White upper cabinets add good variance, especially when paired with black hardware!

The green components of the floor tile tie everything together. 

dark green lower cabinets with black hardware and white uppers next to stainless steel appliances
via A Beautiful Mess

9) Mint green kitchen

These mint green two-tone kitchen cabinets spark joy in a major way. I’m obsessed with this color combination of mint and white cabinets paired with gold and pastel pink accents.

The glass hexagonal backsplash adds even more quirk while the black appliances pull us back from sweetness overload. 

If you’re not already impressed, this kitchen is actually in an RV – talk about a transformation! 

mint green two tone cabinets in a camper
via The DIY Mommy

10) Dark green island 

Something about this shade of green just screams regality. If you’re drawn to all-black everything but are worried it’ll look drab in a kitchen, dark green is an excellent substitute!

I love the high-contrast design of this kitchen, using plenty of that well-loved black and white color combination. The green island is the perfect addition!

green island and white cabinets in two toned kitchen
via This is Our Bliss

11) Quirky green two-tone 

This green kitchen has so much character! The leaf green island matches the brilliant wallpaper backsplash (I am OBSESSED with the pattern).

Cream cabinets effortlessly balance the room.

Because this green is so on trend, it brings a sense of youth to the vintage elements in the room. 

ornate style wooden island in the center of a mainly white kitchen
via Zig and Company

12) Jewel toned

I adore these jewel-toned green kitchen cabinets. The shade of green is super unique and will stand out in a sea of green kitchens!

Gold hardware fits naturally with this brilliant shade. The added white cabinets let the jewel green cabinets remain the main character. 

jewel toned green lower cabinets in a two toned kitchen
via Semi Handmade Blog

13) Tan & green kitchen cabinets

If you’re looking for a neutral cabinet color that isn’t white, this kitchen could be the answer to your quandary! 

Tan and green two-tone kitchen cabinets just make sense. Because green and brown are colors that most commonly represent the natural world, their pairing looks, well, natural!

This kitchen plays into this nature union, including wooden countertops and accents. The dark, grouted backsplash and gold hardware choices bring back a little contemporary flair. 

green lower and tan upper cabinets
via Handmade Haven

14) Bright green two-tone kitchen cabinets

Ok, I have a bit of an unpopular opinion to share – I love chartreuse. 

This color gets a bad wrap which I think is unfair! The color combines the best parts of yellow and green without looking like a highlighter. It’s unique and screams fun!

This kitchen picks up on the color’s playful nature with a graphic backsplash and matching island countertop. 

While chartreuse was born to stand out, I can admit it tends to overpower. To combat chartreuse’s bold nature, this kitchen keeps cabinet boxes and drawers white. This way, the chartreuse cabinet doors are subdued just a tad. 

lime colored painted doors on cabinet boxes
via Apartment Therapy

Final thoughts on green two-tone kitchen cabinets

I hope you’re as inspired by these green two-tone kitchen cabinets as I am! Green kitchens are so beautiful and inviting, they just might have the “wow factor” to surpass the ever-popular all-white kitchen.

So what do you think? Are green kitchens a passing trend, or do you think they have staying power? Let me know in the comments down below!

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