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Super Easy Geometric Painted Napkins

I have been on such a crafting kick lately.  I have this innate, unavoidable urge lately to paint stuff or make something, or do anything that involves turning my imagination into works of my hands.

I was out shopping with a friend a few weeks ago at Michaels, and I happened to pick up a box of Martha Stewart craft paint.  By reading the bottle, I was immediately sold and had visions in my mind of painting everything from glass to fabric to random wood objects.  I had been dreaming up a quick and easy DIY project ever since, and finally it came to fruition last night.

For some reason I have been really loving the tiny geometric triangle patterns I have seen popping up everywhere.  So when I was out at World Market the other day I grabbed a pack of their white cotton napkins and formed a fun plan in my head- hand stamped geometric napkins. BOOM.

This is another super easy DIY.  Assemble your ingredients including your choice of paint color.  Of course I decided to use gold paint (I have a problem).

To make the triangle shape I took a 1” foam craft brush and cut the tip into a triangle shape.  From there I simply dipped my brush in paint and pressed onto the napkin.

I decided to follow the fold lines that were already visable for easier consistency across the napkins.  I definitely wasn’t going for perfect, so I didn’t measure anything.  Each napkin got 4 rows of golden triangles like so:

That’s it! It took me about 30 minutes to stamp 5 napkins, and then I allowed them to dry overnight.  The craft paint bottle had no instructions, but from reading online it was suggested to either iron the back of the cloth to cure the paint to the fabric, or to tumble dry for 30 minutes on the highest heat setting possible.  I’m not really an ironing kinda gal, so into the dryer they went. 🙂

And here they are.   I know it’s fall, but I still love spring colors like pinks and greens. 🙂

I’m so pleased with how these turned out and can’t wait to add them into my tableware stock pile.  Yay! What should I paint next? 🙂

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