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Cute and Creative Halloween Wreath Ideas

Deep into decorating for spooky season? You’re going to need a seriously seasonal wreath! Explore adorable Halloween wreath ideas with DIY projects, plus wreaths that you can buy. 

19 stylish Halloween Wreath Ideas for your front door pinterest collage

October is here, and it’s time to get spooky!

I love October because it jump-starts me right into seasonal decorating. 

Whether your Halloween decor style is shabby-chic, cottage-core cuteness, or ghoulishly frightening, one thing is for sure – you’re going to need a wreath. 

Wreaths are an easy way to celebrate the season. And bonus, there are SO many festive wreath options out there!

So in this post, I’ve gathered up a ton of Halloween wreath ideas to get you inspired. 

With DIY options, pre-made wreaths you can purchase, and my master list of crafting materials, you’ll have all the tools you need to kick off your Halloween decor.

20 DIY Halloween wreath ideas

Crafty witch, are you?

If you want to try your hand at DIY decor, these Halloween wreath ideas are exactly what you need:

Pink BOO Halloween wreath ideas.

BOO Pastel Halloween Wreath

This DIY Halloween wreath is far from scary. In fact, it’s pretty darn adorable. 

Peach pom poms, a gentle spider, and bow-adorned ghosts prove that you can decorate for Halloween while staying true to your aesthetic. 

Black, orange and purple Halloween wreath ideas with ball ornaments.

Halloween Ornament Wreath

This Halloween ornament design is totally nostalgic, harkening back to kitschy childhood celebrations with bright orange and purple accents!

The spiderweb detail adds just a hint of spooky spirit without any real scary factor.

Spiderweb wreath design with black leaves and rhinestoned spiders.

Spooky Spiderweb Wreath

Spider webs AND rhinestones? Sign me up!

This spooky spiderweb wreath is an easy yet effective design. I love the use of black fall leaves for a bit of extra texture. 

Furry purple monster for DIY Halloween wreath ideas.

10-Minute Monster Wreath

Alright – this Purple People Eater has no business being so darn cute. 

The fluffy purple wreath adds the perfect base to a pair of enormous googly eyes. 

A monster? Maybe. But just look at his little face!

Using an orange and black feathered boa for Halloween wreath ideas.

Feather Boa Halloween Wreath

For a cost-effective design, check out this orange and black wreath. 

Instead of wasting time and money on a ton of materials, this DIY works smarter, not harder. 

Simply wrap a feathered boa around the base, add an eye-catching centerpiece, and voila!

Solar skulls attached to a black base for Halloween wreath ideas.

Glowing Skull Wreath DIY

This glowing skull is one of the spookiest Halloween wreath ideas on this list, made with feathery black roses, sparkly purple bats, and eyeballs looking out in all directions. 

Floral wreath with pastel skulls.

Pastel Skull Wreath DIY

Who said you need to leave pastels in the spring? 

Pastels are for year-round joy!

Combine candy-colored skulls, faux florals, and a few pink buggies for a fun effect. 

DIY Wreath Design with wood sign that reads, "If You've got it, Haunt it."

Pottery Barn Inspired Halloween Wreath

For a refined sign with an ample bout of sass, try making this Pottery Barn-inspired design. 

I love the color palette for this project, with shades of orange, textured black accents, and natural greenery for contrast. 

A simple grapevine wreath with wood ghost cutouts.

Grapevine Ghost Wreath

This grapevine ghost wreath is one of my favorites on this list for its simple design and cute aesthetic. 

Leaving the ghosts in natural wood is a sweet touch. 

Colorblock style pumpkin wreath design.

Colorful DIY Pumpkin Wreath

Color lovers, this wreath is for you!

You can customize this rainbow gourd wreath in any color palette you choose, from bright and bold to high-contrast black and white. 

Wooden spiderweb cutout with a spider decal on top for Halloween wreath ideas.

Wooden Spiderweb Wreath

If you’re afraid of spiders, look away!

This design features an artfully-designed spider decal on top of a wooden web. Fans of all things creepy-crawley are going to appreciate this design. 

Rustic wreath with small bats all over.

DIY Bat Wreath Design

Have a rustic wreath form and don’t know what to do with it? Why not add bats? 

While it sounds silly in theory, the design is chic and perfect for celebrating Halloween. 

Green burlap DIY Halloween wreath with witchy accents.

Witchy Halloween Wreath

This bright green deco mesh wreath is more than it first appears; do you notice the cute striped witch legs? 

For a wreath that is equal parts witchy and cute, this is the clear winner. 

Simple ghosts formed into a circle for Halloween wreath ideas.

Simple DIY Ghost Wreath

Ghoulish ghosties come together to form a simple wreath with a ton of star power. 

Hang this ghost wreath on your front door for a seasonal hello, or add it to your autumn mantel. 

Orange felt floral design Halloween wreath ideas.

Orange and Black Felt Wreath

Little pieces of rolled felt transform into a stunning wreath. It looks like it’s made from orange roses!

Simple additions like a gauzy black bow and creepy plastic spiders are all that’s needed. 

Spooky twig wreath design for Halloween.

Spooky Twig Wreath

If you like to keep your autumn decor understated, you’re going to adore this creepy twig Halloween wreath. 

Gather twigs in your own neighborhood and wrap them with florist wire, or buy a pre-made design and grab the black spray paint!

A deco mesh trick or treat design for Halloween wreath ideas

Trick or Treat Wreath Design

Kids will love this “trick or treat” Frankenstein wreath greeting them at your front door. 

The deco mesh design has a ton of great texture, and the seasonal accents add plenty of whimsy. 

Spiderweb inspired wreath. hanging on a window.

Easy Spiderweb DIY Grapevine Wreath

This cobweb-wrapped grapevine wreath has just the right amount of spook. 

Plus, the materials are extremely minimal. Just gather a basic grapevine wreath, faux spiderwebs, plastic spiders, and a fun Halloween ribbon. 

Round black felted cat wreath with ears, hung by an orange ribbon.

Black Cat Halloween Wreath

This DIY Halloween wreath is perfect for cat lovers. The pipe cleaner whiskers are classic crafty-fun. 

With some felted cat ears and the proper base, you can whip up this wreath in no time!

Supplies for making your DIY Halloween wreaths

To get started on your Halloween project, here are some must-haves for wreath-making, as well as some cute extras you’re going to love!

Halloween wreaths you can buy!

Listen – we don’t all have the time to get elbow-deep in faux greenery. That’s where these pre-made Halloween wreaths come in. 

Shop some of my favorite seasonal designs:

Final thoughts

And that’s all she wrote!

I hope these fun Halloween wreath ideas give you the crafty inspo you need to inspire your holiday decorating. 

So grab the hot glue gun (or credit card) and get decorating!

And don’t forget to let me know your favorite Halloween wreath design in the comments down below (if it’s not the 10-minute monster wreath, I am SHOCKED!). 

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