I’m Having Surgery Tomorrow

Update: This is Scott here to fill you in.  You’ve all been so thoughtful and just wanted all of Tania’s readers to get an update. She went in for surgery Thursday morning at 8:30 am and got out around 12:30. The surgery was a big success! I’ll leave it to Run to Radiance to fill you in on the details but for now she’s still recovering and will be for several days.  We are very grateful to Jesus and all of you for your prayers and encouragement.  The healing and peace we’ve felt is real.  Run to Radiance will be back soon.  ~Scott (Mr. Radiance)

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When I sat down recently and thought about why I wanted to have this blog, I kept coming back to the same phrase over and over—a radiant, authentic life. Pretty pictures are wonderful and cocktail recipes are great, but when it comes down to it, this blog is a reflection of me. And “me” is very into living an authentic, real life. Even when it doesn’t look so pretty and I don’t feel so radiant. I’ve been writing and rewriting this post over and over in my head, but I’m just going to take a deep breath, and get really, really real with you guys about something major going on in my life.

About 6 months ago, at a regular OBGYN checkup, the doctor found a large softball-sized benign mass on my ovary called a fibroid. She told me normally she would suggest a hysterectomy, but they might be able to work around that. I SOBBED through the entire appointment as she explained it would rupture inside of me and be potentially deadly, and I needed to rush to surgery the next week. The surgery would mean I would have a 8” scar across my stomach, have a much more difficult time getting pregnant and have to deliver by Cesarian if I did.

Thank God my mom encouraged me to seek a second opinion. I went to a second OBGYN who told me I wouldn’t die, surgery wasn’t urgent, but I would have to have that same super invasive procedure with the same end results. I didn’t like that answer either so I went to a third OBGYN. She was optimistic, but sent me to a surgeon who deals with infertility issues (not something we are struggling with that we know of, but fibroids are a common issue with couples who can’t conceive).

Finally, meeting with the 4th doctor he assured me I would be fine. He laughed when I told him what the first doctor had said and assured me none of that was true. I wouldn’t die and while he did recommend removing the fibroid, it wasn’t urgent and he would be able to do it laparoscopically with minimum invasion and no lasting impact.

My surgery is tomorrow at 7:30am. The reason I am telling you this long medical story is for two reasons. One for prayer (I’ll outline my prayer requests below), the second reason is to encourage you guys to FIGHT FOR YOUR HEALTH. I know it sounds crazy, but doctors aren’t always right. If you aren’t feeling well and they aren’t listening, you HAVE to be your own advocate. Get second and third and fourth and fifth opinions. Even the best doctors will not care for you as much as you have to care for you (however, if you are in the Dallas area I know some incredible doctors and would be happy to give you their info!)

I believe in the power of prayer. As a Christian, I feel humbled that the God of the universe listens to me. He listens to you guys too, you know? No matter what you’ve done or haven’t done! 🙂 So if you would be so kind to send a prayer for me, I am asking for a smooth surgery that’s minimally invasive and has no lasting impact on fertility and future child birthing/having. I’m also hoping for a quick recovery, but feel so grateful for this season of rest. I plan on sleeping a lot, doing some reading and letting my body heal. I have so much to be grateful for like an amazing husband, family and friends to care for me and for all of you!

I really care for you guys and feel so grateful you are here reading my story. If there’s something I can pray for you guys about, leave it below, or send me an email. I’ll have lots of reflection time in the coming weeks! 🙂 I’ll admit I have waves of nervousness thinking about going under, but I am doing my best to rest and believe for good things to come! Easier said than done sometimes right? 🙂

I’ll be taking a few days off to rest, but will ask Scott to update this post when I’m out of surgery and home. See you guys next week!

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  1. oh my goodness, how scary. thank goodness you got a second (and third and fourth) opinion. you are so right that we need to fight for our health. that first doctor should have their license or whatever removed! thinking of you girl and hoping all goes well!!!

  2. Tania, I’m sure you will be fine. I’ll be praying. Your recovery should be much less painful because you are having a laparoscopic surgery, but don’t forget–even if the stitches are on the inside, they still have to heal. I had two similar tumors removed. The hard part was learning how to spell hemorrhagic.
    Since you have already decorated for autumn, now you can lie back and enjoy the fruit of your artistry. You can read other people’s blogs, go through real magazines, and see if you can milk this all the way through Thanksgiving.
    May God bless you and your family with safety, health, patience, and visitors with tasty treats.

  3. Lifting up prayers for you!
    So glad you went to other doctors… that’s so crazy the extreme reactions by other doctors. How many people just accept what one doctor says & has such extreme actions taken? That gives me the creeps.
    Rest up. Heal quickly.

  4. Sending prayers up for you and for your support team! Your decision to seek other opinions and advocate for your health is inspiring. I am certain that your story is going to resonate and others will remember to do the same if they’re faced with a similar situation – thank you for sharing.

    Will be waiting for the update and remembering you in my prayers.

  5. This post is a great reminder that health is not black and white and can rely on a matter of opinion from one doctor to the next! Medicine isn’t an exact science and I am so glad you kept talking to other doctors until you found some peace with an answer! I wish you the best of luck in your surgery! I am sure everything is going to be just fine 🙂

  6. Good for you on getting so many different opinions! That news just would be devestating and I am so happy for you that it seems less serious than the first doctor made it to be. I can only imagine the journey it was to get that 4th opinion, my goodness! Thoughts are with you tomorrow! Good luck!!!!!!!

  7. Hey there, I am proud of you for getting the right answer. I had over 100 fibroids covering my uterus and overies, no wonder I never felt good. I found a doctor who got me, did the test and all. The surgery you are on a having is pretty easy. I went shopping that same day after surgery to Home Depot and I was 50 years old. You can do this and I have you on 3 prayer chains! My prayers are with you! Love you – Aunt Linda

  8. i’m so proud of you for this post, sweet friend. so vulnerable and transparent. praying for you and will be over to nurse you back to health soon! 🙂 love you!

  9. Prayers for your surgery!! We too have learned that lesson. Doctors aren’t all created equal….it’s just true. And some are more specialized than others.

  10. Tania, keeping you in my prayers and a candle lit to send positive energy your way for a speedy recovery. Thank you for your bravery and telling your story.

  11. Oh, Tania! I am so glad you listened to your mom and got other opinions. I’m so happy to hear that your surgery went well and will pray for a quick and complete recovery!

  12. Tania, I hope you are actually getting some rest, and lots of entertainment. Praise the Lord the surgery went well. If you have babies in your life, I’m sure prayers and guidance will be your strength.
    Be ready for sad days, euphoric days, downright depressed days, and very strong, hopeful days. They are normal, and all part of the healing. Try to stay centered on your true priorities: your love for Scott and family, your service to God, your truly radiant life even when the sun seems dim. Please know that many people are praying for you and Scott. That includes me, sweet girl.

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