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Anthropologie’s House & Home—Let’s Go Shopping!

Happy Monday!

I hope you all had a great weekend! Mine was so good—we took a well-earned break from house projects and took the time to spend time with friends, which needs to happen much more often (as much as I love the house projects!)

So you guys know by now I’m obsessed with Anthropologie. If you want to pay me a good compliment, please just tell me anything in my house looks like it’s from Anthro. 🙂 They recently released House & Home which is an incredible home look-book. You can find the entire thing here, but I wanted to share my favorite parts of it after staring at it for a few days.

Let’s start out with this bedroom. First of all, when can I move in? I love the giant windows, the gorgeous herringbone wood floors, and the actual furniture. Of course the purple and white bedding is lovely. The bedding is for sale, as is the bed itself‚ for a mere $2000 for a queen-sized version.

anthropologie bedroom purple bedding

Check out this bedroom. After a brief internal struggle, I have to admit I like this one slightly more. Something about the aesthetic draws me in and makes me want to just sit on the bed and get cozy. You can also own this bed (for even cheaper!) at only $1800 for the queen. But I also love what’s going on at the side table area—the fresh flowers, the metal buckets and the stack of books, all of which would be fairly easy to replicate!

anthropologie bedroom

I kept staring at this photo, trying to decide which light fixture I liked the most. I think the tallest one, with all the shiny beads is my favorite, and can come home with me for $3,000. I also love the idea of covering a thrifted chandy with faux greenery for the holiday season, and even the idea of the skeleton key chandelier pictured on the bottom left, which also seems easily duplicated.


anthropologie chandelier

Love the dining table, and again—the greenery-wrapped chandelier. Dinner anyone? 🙂

anthropologie dining room

The one thing that kept drawing me into this photo wasn’t the gorgeous fabric-covered chairs, but instead the simple stack of books used as a side table. This would be easily replicated by purchasing thrifted hard-covered books and stacking them in lieu of an actual table. Or, if you want the chairs, $800 bucks each and they are yours! 🙂

anthropologie living room

I’m a sucker for pretty light fixtures, and this lotus flower one is no exception. I can think of plenty of places this baby can (literally) shine, but for $250, I might have to hold myself back. If funds are limited, you could even do the World Market version for $100 (find it here).

anthropologie lotus pendant light

Last, but not least, I adore this dining table scene. The mismatched dishes that coordinate with the fresh flowers, succulents and lovely glassware. And napkins tied with twine? Done. Love!

anthropologie tablet top setting
So, those are my favorite new looks from Anthro House & Home. What do you all think? Are you feeling inspired? Let’s go shopping! 🙂

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  1. no surprise that you like these pictures – they are *very* similar to your aesthetic. i’ve been planning my nursery, and i keep wish wish wishing that anthro had a baby collection. do you have any stores you could recommend besides pb baby?

  2. I finally made my way into an Anthroplogie store. OH MY GOSH. It was heaven. ….and then I got accused of being a hipster…. but I don’t care! ALL THE PRETTY THINGS.

  3. I am in love with Anthro. I am not in love with their prices. BUT! My friend’s work is in their new catalog! If you see the cutie hand embroidered wall hooks….I know the girl that made them! 🙂

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