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10 Things to Know Before Your 1st Whole30

The Whole30 isn’t just hype—it really is life-changing. If you’re trying to figure out how to do the Whole30, especially if it’s your first time, you’re in the right place, boo! I did my first Whole30 in September of last year andI really, truly loved it. I’ll get into all the reasons why in a bit, buttt if you want more energy, clearer skin, better sleep and maybe to lose a few pounds, the Whole30 (or W30 as us devotees call it) is definitely for you! 

I'm going to do my first Whole30 next month - these tips were perfect! Exactly what I needed!

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How to do the Whole30 #1: Do Your Research

Here’s where I’ll tell you to do as I say, not as I do. Last year when we did our first W30, I decided I was going to do it the night before. I had gotten really fed up with feeling gross and exhausted and basically threw my hands up in the air and announced to Scott that we were doing the Whole30 starting tomorrow. Yes, we. Bless his heart.

I would suggest you plan out a bit ahead of time, unlike me. Look at your calendar and try to find 30-40 days that are free without any commitments like holidays or weddings—it will be easier to do the Whole30 when it’s not Easter Sunday if you are really into your grandmother’s ice pie or something.

How to do the Whole30 #2: Be Prepared

I also recommend reading a few books before you begin. Melissa Hartwig, who founded the Whole30 has written several books that are really helpful like:

I own all four and like each of them, but to me there’s one that’s worth it’s weight in gold far above and beyond the others which is the The Whole30: The 30-Day Guide to Total Health and Food Freedom.  

I recommend reading the book about a week before you begin so you can be prepared for what’s to come. There’s also a ton of great information for free on the Whole30 site. 

Make yourself a meal plan, throw out all your junk and go grocery shopping the day before you begin—trust me on this one!

How to do the Whole30 #3: Come Up With Your Why

Yes, doing the Whole30 really will make you feel amazing, but if you are only doing it because it’s trendy, your willpower will literally be hanging on by a thread. 

Find your why. What are you hoping to accomplish? What will the next 30 days do for you? Saying I want to do the Whole30 to sleep better and have kick-ass skin is much more compelling to stick to than just doing it for fun.

Trust me, you don’t want to fall pray to the cheese fries at 1am.

How to do the Whole30 #4: Don’t Do It Alone

It really does take a village. At least during Whole30. 😉

This is one of those things that you could do alone, but do you really want to? It’s much more fun to call your bestie at 3am and complain to each other about having to skip happy hour than to be the odd man out. 

Yes, giving up wine sucks. Don’t go at it alone.

If you don’t know anyone who would be willing to try W30 with you, find an online support group on Facebook (let me know if you need a rec!).

How to do the Whole30 #5: Indulge Yourself

You can’t have wine and chocolate chip cookies. And maybe the detoxing has left you with a teeny headache. 


Now’s the time to stop turning to food for comfort and start turning to other things…like a facial. Get a mani/pedi or take a long walk around your street—be gentle and kind to yourself and indulge yourself a bit. 

You’ve earned it!


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