10 Things to Know Before Your 1st Whole30 – Page 2

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How to do the Whole30 #6: Follow The Rules

Okay, tough love time. The rules are rules for a reason. Yes, some of it sucks and seems really hard. BUT it’s only 30 days! You can give up ketchup and chicken nuggets for a month, you really, truly can.

The hardest rule to me was not being able to weigh myself for 30 days. Weight loss was one of my main goals and it was really, realllllly hard to be making all these good food choices and not be able to see the results on the scale.



I had a friend who did the Whole30 and weighed herself every day. After a week she hadn’t lost any weight, so she decided to screw it and get cheese fries. For real. She really regretted not sticking with it, and did it again a month later without weighing in—by the end she lost 11 pounds!

No going halfsies on this one, boo. Stick to it.

I'm going to do my first Whole30 next month - these tips were perfect! Exactly what I needed!

How to do the Whole30 #7: Make It Fun

What’s the point of doing something if it makes you miserable? Yes, the struggle is real for sure, but focus on the good stuff. Host a dinner party for friends with all Whole30-approved meals and some sparkling water in champagne glasses.

Choose to think of the month as a fun treat, not a horrible chore and you really will feel better.

How to do the Whole30 #8: Batch Cook

The number one thing I wish I had known going into my first Whole30 was this: you are going to be in the kitchen all damn day. 

Yes, there are some prepared foods or shortcuts out there that you can take, but variety is the spice of life and your tastebuds want to shake it up, baby! 

Do yourself a massive favor and do some batch cooking. There are hundreds of recipes on Pinterest and in the cookbooks that can be doubled or tripled and then froze. 

And if you reeeeeally want to make life easier on yourself, get an InstantPot and let it cook for you!

How to do the Whole30 #9: Get Inspired

Having a rough day and need a pick me up like woah? When I had a tough day during the Whole30 and wanted to quit (which honestly wasn’t very often), I would search for before and after success stories online and spend 30 minutes or so reading them. 

I’d also scroll through the Whole30 Instagram page, or search for #whole30 and look at the food people were making. Looking at food pics always helps. 😛

How to do the Whole30 #10: Plan Your Transition

I didn’t know this until day 28 of my Whole30 and it was kind of an unpleasant surprise. If you stick to the program rules, you won’t finish in 30 days…it will be more like 35-40 days.

Womp, womp.

The 30 days are for your detox, after which you start to add in foods slowly to see what you have an adverse reaction to. 

I know it’s tempting to guzzle wine and eat a tub of icing on day 30, but listen—you’ve already done all the hard work! Now all you have to do is re-introduce foods SLOWLY and pay attention.

And YES! Wine can be your first reintro. Woohoo!

Have any of you tried the Whole30? What recommendations do you have for any first timers? Chime in on the comment section and teach us your ways! 🙂

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