Meet Baby Lily

It’s been awful quiet around these parts but I’ve got a pretty legitimate excuse—we had a baby! We welcomed our beautiful daughter, Lily into the world on December 22nd.

Such a sweet photo idea—this baby girl is wearing mom's wedding comb in her newborn pictures!
all her photos are super cute but this is my fave—she’s wearing the comb I wore at our wedding.

Her birth was amazing. I delivered via a scheduled C-section (I have a whole post coming up on the details!) and while it wasn’t what I initially would have chosen, I can’t say enough about how peaceful the process was and how great my recovery has been! 


Love this girl newborn photo idea! So sweet. Both Scott and I have been soaking in every single moment of parenthood. I was always fearful of becoming a mom and how much it would change me. So strange to think of that now—yes, life is decidedly different but it is SO MUCH BETTER. 

Love this girl newborn photo idea! So sweet. Thanks to you all for all your encouragement along the way—and if anyone out there is pregnant, I’ll say that IMHO life with a newborn is definitely better than life pregnant.

Love this girl newborn photo idea! So sweet.

We’ll be back to regularly scheduled DIY goodness soon, but in the meantime, I’m working on a few baby-related posts. What questions do you all have for me? At 4 weeks in, I’m hardly an expert but I am an open book and willing to share! 🙂  

  Love this girl newborn photo idea! So sweet.  

PS- All photos in this post were taken by the talented Jenna of Snapberry Photographs! If you are in the Dallas area I highly recommend her. 🙂  


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  1. ???????????????!! She is so beautiful..I absolutely love love her name, LILY.
    LILY is my youngest daughters name.. Fabulous choice we made!! Once again ???????????????!!

  2. Lovely photos! Our baby girl is almost three months – it’s unreal how quickly they grow. I actually thought having a newborn was harder than being pregnant! Some strange part of me is already missing her total newborn days, though, which I don’t quite understand.

    1. Hi Natasha! Isn’t it insane how fast it goes? I can’t believe it! I think most people find pregnancy easier than newborn—I was just so tired all the time and now i’m only tired most of the time 😛

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