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DIY Gin & Tonic Bar with SodaStream

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With the holidays right around the corner (can you all believe that?!?!) I’m ramping up my planning for our holiday gatherings and always looking for ways to make sure I can keep things low-stress. When SodaStream asked me to try out their Play machine, and come up with a fun entertaining idea, I was super excited. Not only have I heard fantastic things about SodaStream from my friends, but I also love an opportunity to come up with new spins on some of my favorite classics.

The SodaStream Play starter kit gives you everything you need to get started—the machine, carbonation, a sampler pack of flavors to try and a bottle.
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Right now, you can also get a code to redeem for a free skin so you can give your Play even more personality. Of course I had to take advantage of that!

I chose this skin for mine. I love the colors and the fun vibe. How often do we get to personalize our kitchen appliances? Not often enough!
diy gin and tonic bar_0006 diy gin and tonic bar_0007

From unboxing the Play to having it up and running took me a total of about 5 minutes. It was super simple to get ready—the directions made it fool-proof! You simply insert the carbonation in the bottom and you are good to go!

diy gin and tonic bar_0008

diy gin and tonic bar_0009

Once we were up and running, it was time to make my first beverage. The first flavor I made was Tonic. I simply filled the bottle with ice-cold water, carbonated it by pressing down on the top 4 times and added the flavor to the bottle. That’s it! Fresh tonic. It literally took one minute!

diy gin and tonic bar_0010

diy gin and tonic bar_0012diy gin and tonic bar_0011

Inspired by the tonic water, I decided to make a gin and tonic bar. I had three different types of fruit available—pomegranates, limes and grapefruit. I also made sure to have a bottle of homemade simple syrup available for guests who preferred their drink a bit sweeter than I do.

diy gin and tonic bar_0013 diy gin and tonic bar_0014 diy gin and tonic bar_0015
diy gin and tonic bar_0017

Of course, I made sure to have non-alcoholic beverages available too—sparkling water and a cola flavor, both made with the SodaStream Play!

diy gin and tonic bar_0018 diy gin and tonic bar_0019

I have a feeling I’ll be using this setup again in our house. I love the festive colors and the ability to make sure everyone’s drink is customized to their liking. And life is just more fun with a few bubbles!

diy gin and tonic bar_0020

So, who wants to come over? I’ll make you a cocktail! Or a soda. 🙂


diy gin and tonic bar_0021

This is a sponsored post in partnership with SodaStream Play. I was provided compensation and the Play machine. All opinions, writing, photographs and cocktail ideas are (as always) 100% my own. I only partner with companies and products I truly believe in, so check SodaStream out! 🙂 You’ll like it!


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  1. I’ve actually never used a SodaStream before! But please come over and help me host my work house warming next week, your decorating skills are needed 🙂

  2. Wow! I love this idea. I didn’t know sodastream was so easy to use. I love those glasses too, where are they from?

  3. um.. yum!! & gorgeous! i’ve been trying to come up with creative drinks (so i’m not just chugging water and juice) since getting pregnant, and i bet this would make it super easy!

  4. Ummm….that looks super fun. This would be perfect for me as I am trying to avoid sugary drinks and adding bubbles would make things a lot more interesting. This is going on the Christmas list 🙂

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