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A Peek Inside My Scrapbook

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When I was a kid, I decided to make my first scrapbook. I took all the family albums down off the shelves and started picking the pictures I wanted. I cut them, glued them, colored them and glittered them and was so proud of my finished product. Understandably, my parents were not!  My latest scrapbook experience is 100% parent-approved (I hope!).

I love scrapbooks. As a photographer and a crafter, scrapbooking is speaking one of my love languages. I hadn’t had time since college to do it, so I was out of supplies and unsure where to begin when I decided to give it another go this year. After doing some research, I decided to go with a Project Life book. I liked the simplicity and variety of it.

If you aren’t familiar with Project Life, it’s basically a simplified scrapbook. The layouts are mostly premade for 4×6 or 2×3 photos or cards and you can buy kits with cards that all coordinate together. It could be literally as simple as printing photos and sticking them in the sleeves with cards.

I printed photos from our Europe trip as soon as we got back, but since we were finishing our remodel and moving I’ve just recently been able to put it all together.  I’m planning on doing some tutorials in the upcoming months, but I thought it’d be fun to share what I’ve done so far with you guys!

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Have you all done any scrapbooking? It’s so fun. I can’t wait to do even more! I’d love to hear your favorite tools and supplies! 🙂

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  1. I love scrapbooking!!! I haven’t done it in a really long time because to be perfectly honest. I haven’t really printed pictures since college. BUT!!!! It was a lot of fun when I did do it!! I even did one for a senior project in high school and got an A+ on it. I still love to look back at it because it is basically my entire childhood in one place 🙂 I love your pictures up there and the cute stuff you used to craft it!

  2. All the cool kids are doing Project Life….I feel like I should hop on board because all the bloggers who have posted about it make it look so fun and straightforward. I’m not an especially creative person, so my attempts at scrapbooking have always fallen a little short.

    Your scrapbook looks awesome!

    1. I think that’s kind of the nice thing about project life. It literally could be as simple as buying a kit, printing photos and putting it all in an album, no embellishments required! Plus there are so many great ideas online to help! 🙂

  3. i love the idea of scrapbooking, but i don’t think its for me. i’m much more of a simple photo album kind of girl lol. love yours though, looks fabulous!

  4. What kind of scrapbooks do you use,i am so far behind becausw i am very fussy and alittle ocd,i need a quick and cute way to get caught up. Marcia

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