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A Fall Afternoon—Made in the Shade

While the rest of America mourns the loss of 70 plus degree weather and are all tucked warm with leggings into riding boots, here in Texas we are all rejoicing. Because we are leaving the sweat-filled 100 degree weather and heading right into our fall…which is kind of like what most people would consider summer.

backyard umbrealla_0001

Anyways, we are finally able to spend time outdoors without fear of melting. It’s so lovely! The end of summer here happened to time perfectly with all the end of season sales, and I got a sweet deal on an umbrella and umbrella stand from World Market—like $9 for the whole thing! 

backyard umbrealla_0002

backyard umbrealla_0003

Scott and I took about 10 minutes to set the umbrella up. Even though I assumed an outdoor umbrella would be waterproof, the package didn’t say so we took an extra precaution by spraying the canvas with a waterproofing spray made by my friends over at Thompson’s.

backyard umbrealla_0004

backyard umbrealla_0005

backyard umbrealla_0006

I’ve got some amazing projects coming using this spray, but spoiler alert—love it! :

And that was it! It took about 30 minutes from start to finish to have our new set up going, and since our outdoor furniture converts from a bench to a table, we decided to enjoy the lovely weather and dine al fresco.

backyard umbrealla_0007

backyard umbrealla_0008

backyard umbrealla_0009

backyard umbrealla_0010

I’ve loved re-reading some old favorites lately. Last time I read The Canterbury Tales I was a senior in high school…so just a few short years ago. 😛 

backyard umbrealla_0013

Between the pretty green and gold book cover and re-using part of our fun fall tablescape we quite enjoyed our fun fall outdoor lunch. I’m so excited to be able to use this area for the next several months! Don’t be too jealous northern friends! 😛

backyard umbrealla_0011

backyard umbrealla_0012


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  1. I’ll be in the Smokies in a month, attending a Christian conference. I hope the trees are in full color. As you implied, the leaves here in Texas mostly don’t change. If we get a good cold snap, then the Bradford pear trees and the occasional cluster of els and other imported trees may have a brilliant week or two.
    I loved your entire al fresco experience. You are getting the most out of every spot in and around your home. I admire your skill and creativity, but also you focus on follow-through. You bought benches that are a table. You waterproofed your umbrella. You used part of a tables cape you had already prepared. Everything added up to autumn perfection.

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