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Dating Dallas: Klyde Warren Park

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Like I promised in my last post, I have a fun Dallas-themed date to share with you all. Now, first of all, “date” doesn’t necessarily mean romantically! This time I was with Scott, so yeah, but I would easily go to any of the places I’m going to share about with my sister or parents or friends, etc. Dating Dallas is more about dating the city itself, not necessarily being ON a date in Dallas. 🙂

To kick off this series, I am super excited to share one of my favorite spots in Dallas with you all—Klyde Warren Park. If you are a local who has never been…please go! SO much fun!! I used to live in Uptown in Dallas, and I could have literally walked to this park from my apartment. But why would I? Back in my day (hehe) there was no park, it was just highway overpasses. The builders created a floating park out of nothing. See this pic for evidence:


Isn’t that cool? Of course the entire park is super eco-friendly which is an added bonus always.

So anyways, onto the park itself. The most annoying part and the only negative I would give to Klyde Warren is the lack of parking. You can valet your car at the park for $15 (this is a very Dallas thing to do), but outside of that parking is extremely limited. Scott and I always park at the Dallas Museum of Art which is right down the street. Parking in the garage is $10 but the museum itself is free now (yay!) so just think of it as a museum fee.

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We went last weekend on a warm (for winter!) and sunny day to get some much needed Vitamin D. The park is over five acres—there are beautiful gardens, a dog park and lots of fun games that are free to play! Just a few are putt-put golf, ping pong, croquet, foosball…and lots of board games! There’s also an event stage with tons of free events happening daily. I restrained myself from jumping up on there and singing. 😉

There’s even a library outside! Yes you can totally borrow a book at the park and read it (then put it back!). I was very tempted to spend the afternoon reading! Instead Scott and I took a few laps around the park (it’s .5 miles each lap), grabbed a beer and played a game of ping pong. It was intense…but I won! 🙂

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There’s a pretty sweet children’s park…I will admit to going there this summer when they had the water fountains on and cooling down with all the toddlers. I was hot. 🙂

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Then we walked over to the food truck area. I had been dreaming about this one banh mi sandwich since the last time I was at the park, and I was really excited they were there! Scott and I split one (they are definitely share-able!), and then walked around a bit more.

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After spending a couple hours at the park we headed back to the museum. We were planning on going to the Dallas Museum of Art—my favorite in the city!—but we noticed that the museum next door, the Nasher Sculpture Garden, was having free admission day. Since we had never been we decided to spend some time there. We didn’t get to do much inside because the outdoor garden was so lovely!

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Also…they had these super cool spinning top chairs that I wish I could take home with me. We probably spent 20 minutes spinning around. Great ab workout! 🙂

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After the museum, we took a short walk down to the Uptown area—my old stomping grounds!—and grabbed dinner. There are so many fun bars and restaurants—you could be there for hours. 🙂

So that’s my first pick for a fun way to spend a day in Dallas. I’m crossing my fingers for more sunny days and park weather sprinkled throughout winter!!

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  1. I think I’m just envious that you can go out in winter without a coat, lol.

    Wait, so is that park built over the highway?? Cause that’s just really cool.

    The sculpture garden is so pretty! I can’t wait to see more of Dallas… there isn’t much to see in Detroit 😉

  2. Girl! So fun! We have never been!! What a blast though, especially on a pretty day! You know I’m looking forward to this series, especially since we NEVER go on dates!

  3. I haven’t been yet, but I definitely have to put it on the list. Looks like so much fun! I think it is hilarious that they have valet parking at a park. Only in Dallas!

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