10 Ways to Use Vintage Wallpaper (Page 2)

This is page two of 10 ways to use vintage wallpaper. For the first page, click here.

6) Vintage wallpaper photography backdrop

wallpaper backdropvia

7) Vintage wallpaper floorboards

wallpaper floorno link 🙁

8) Wallpaper-backed lampshades


9) Vintage wallpaper gift tags

wallpaper tagsvia

10) As wallpaper, of course! 🙂

vintage wallpaper on wallsvia

What do you all think? Walls? Furniture?

vintage wallpaper 4

Are you jealous you don’t have this paper? DON’T BE.

I’m excited to share that an online shop is currently in the works and I’ll be selling some of this beauty on there so you can make a project of your very own out of it. Sharing is caring after all! 🙂