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How To Make DIY Concrete Countertops

Here's the process of creating custom DIY concrete countertops from start to finish.



  • Measure your cabinets, adding about ¾" on all sides to allow for overhang to determine the size of your countertops.
  • Cut particle board strips to attach to the ends of the mold to create your countertip sides. Cut them 2¾" wide or as wide as you would like the thickness of your counters.
  • Carefully wipe down the bottom of your countertop molds to ensure there isn't dust or debris that would mar your counter surface.
  • Tape and caulk the seams of the mold.
  • Cut pieces of rebar.
  • Mix and pour the concrete. Fill the mold half-way. Add rebar, then pour the remaining concrete.
  • Level the top layer of concrete.
  • Bang the bottom of the mold with a hammer to make the air bubbles rise to the surface and help prevent cracks.
  • Allow the concrete to cure for at least a week before removing the mold and installing your new countertops.