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3 kids christmas treats - chocolate mice, marshmallow elves and marshmallow snowmen.

3 Christmas Treats for Kids

Make these three easy Christmas treats with your kids. They are all fun and adorable.
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Prep Time 5 minutes
Cook Time 30 minutes
Total Time 35 minutes


Chocolate Mice

  • Melt the chocolate chips.
  • Unwrap the chocolate kisses.
  • Dip the cherries into the melted chocolate so they are completely covered.
  • Attach the bottom of the chocolate kiss candy to the chocolate-covered cherry.
  • Repeat these steps until all the cherries are used.
  • Add almond slivers in between the cherries and the chocolate kisses, to look like mouse ears.
  • Pipe red gel frosting on the chocolate kisses to look like eyes and a dot for the nos

Marshmallow Elves

  • Dip the chocolate kiss candy into the melted chocolate.
  • Attach the kiss to the marshmallow so it looks like a little hat.
  • Add sliced almonds as pointy ears next to the kiss candy by dipping them in chocolate and placing them next to the chocolate “hat.”
  • Attach the candy eyes to the marshmallows
  • Pipe red gel frosting on the marshmallow to look like a mouth.

Marshmallow Snowmen

  • Stick marshmallows together to look like a snowman using the edible adhesive (2 extra-large marshmallows on the bottom and a regular-sized one on top as the head).
  • Dab more edible adhesive on top of the smallest marshmallow and stick a chocolate bell candy on to look like a brown hat.
  • Stick candy eyes on the front of the marshmallow snowmen.
  • Slice thin slivers of Starburst candies to look like a carrot nose.
  • Attach the candy carrot nose to the snowmen
  • Deconstruct the Twizzler’s Pull-N-Peel.
  • Tie one Pull-N-Peel thread around the snowman to look like a red scarf.
  • Gently push pretzel sticks into the large marshmallows, one on each side, for the snowman arms.
  • Attach mini chocolate chips on the front of the snowman to look like black buttons.