Home Organization Goals You Need in Your Life Today

There’s something peaceful and rejuvenating about an organized home. And the good news is, you don’t have to feel like a full-time housekeeper to get it! These home organization goals are so easy that anyone can accomplish them.

What is it about your home that stresses you out the most?

Is it all the clutter? Or are you struggling to find places to keep all your stuff?

For me, it stresses me out when things are everywhere and not in their place. Sure, you leave a sweater on the back of a chair but then a bag gets thrown in the seat and a pair of shoes end up underneath the chair… it never ends! I’m you all know what I’m talking about. 

I finally realized I needed to implement some really basic and simple home organization goals.

Do you? I’m going to make this really easy for you!

Write your goals down and attack them one by one. In no time at all, you will have a beautiful and organized home you’ll be proud to show off.

Attainable Home Organization Goals

The first step to accomplishing anything is to set some goals. You need to know what you are shooting for but don’t simply just write down general things like “organize my entire house.” You need to split that up into smaller, more specific goals that are actually attainable.

It’s a little known secret that goal-crushers understand! Set lots and lots of smaller goals to strive for. Then, just like a tall tower made of blocks, soon you will be able to step back and see how every step was another step closer to getting your dream home.

To save you time, here are the most common and easiest home organization goals I’ve found to be the most helpful!

Write them down, cross them off as you go and make them your own. Make them as specific as you need so you can feel the rush of excitement and accomplishment as you cross them off your list.

1. Get Rid of Stuff

The very first step is to go through each room and get rid of anything that you can. You only want to organize things you are going to keep. It’ll make your job so much easier.

Here’s what you should throw away, without thinking about it:

  • Broken things
  • Things you can’t use
  • Expired/outdated things
  • Anything that is so dirty you can’t use it

Basically, if you wouldn’t like to get it as a gift, don’t donate it to someone else!

After you have gotten rid of broken things, create another box full of things to donate. These should be things that are in really good condition but you just don’t use them. For example, a board game with missing pieces goes in the trash, not to the second-hand shop.

This step might take you an entire weekend but keep at it until you only have things you love and will use.

2. Start Small – Organize Drawers

After you rid your house of things you don’t need, it’s time to start organizing everything you kept. Make it a goal to organize every single drawer in your home. This could take you a while, but each drawer you organize will make you feel amazing.

There are some handy drawer organizers you can buy online. I found these drawer bins at Target and I’ve become obsessed with adding these to all of my drawers to keep them organized! Pick up a few and begin sorting items and giving them new homes.

3. Create A Space For Your Things

Next, establish a space for all of your things.

Take for instance all of my daughter’s toys. At one point, they were EVERYWHERE! We tried multiple baskets and bins but they didn’t seem to fit right. For our home, we ended up making a small section of our living area her mini playroom area with bin organizers and it’s worked out great! 

If that doesn’t work for you, I would recommend getting a bigger basket or upgrade to a tote. You can also give a few of the ones your kids have outgrown or show no interest in away.

To create a space for all of my things, I usually just walk from room to room and write down a list. Every time I see something sitting out, I write it down as something that needs a basket, tote or donate.

Some of the most common places where things pile up include:

  •  The top of the refrigerator
  • Kitchen island or peninsula/breakfast bar
  • Bathroom counter
  • The area by the front door


4. Organize Closets

The next goal should be to organize all your closets. This includes bathroom closets, the ones in the bedrooms and even the one in the garage. In the end, you should be able to look into your closet and find what you need within 10 seconds.

I honestly didn’t think that was true until I actually cleaned out that space. 

I will admit that when I approached my closets, it got a bit overwhelming for me at that point. I decided to follow this post called The Secret To An Organized Closet from Katie’s Kottage and it was seriously a lifesaver! 

5. Organize the Cabinets

After the closets are organized, move to the cabinets. Sort through all of the kitchen and bathroom cabinets and create a system that works best for you and your family. 

I’ve tried out multiple systems until I found the right one for us. Don’t worry if it takes you a little while! 

6. Get Your Family on Board

This should definitely be one of your home organization goals. It was for me! 

Everyone lives in the house together, so everyone should help keep it organized together.

Whether your kids are too small to really help out or your partner works too much, you can still get their support. Ask them to help you out by using the organization systems you create.

7. Give Each Room a Purpose

What is the purpose of the living room? What about your office? Answering this question will help you create organization systems and keep unnecessary items out of those rooms.

If your office isn’t a playroom, it shouldn’t be littered with toys.

It’s possible that you might live in a place that is so small that your living room has to have multiple functions.

In that case, establish zones!

Make one corner the play area where the toys belong and the other corner the entertainment zone where you store the games and consoles.

8. Organize One Room at a Time

Finally, it’s important to only focus on one room at a time. Do one closet at a time, one drawer at a time. It’s so easy to get overwhelmed and just quit.

I’ve tried (and failed) multiple until I realized that I didn’t have to do all of it in one day. That’s unrealistic! 

Save yourself the stress and create goals that you can actually do.

Home Organization Ideas

Now, you have your goals written down. How are you going to tackle them?

Honestly, that’s the beauty of Pinterest. You’ll find some genius ideas on there!

Here are some of my favorites I’ve found while scrolling through Pinterest: 

Use Hanging Organizers

Utilize the space in your closet or behind your doors and use hanging organizers to store your stuff. For example, Clutter Keeper makes a 15-pocket hanging organizer. Imagine all the things you can keep in it!

From toys to beauty products to office supplies, the options are endless- and it keeps them all sorted.

Create Drawer Organizers

Next, go buy some drawer organizers. I mentioned some of my favorite drawer organizers from Target before and I can tell you now- you won’t be disappointed!

Drawers are just open spaces begging to become messy the minute you shut them. But with a few mini “walls”, you can keep things where they belong.

Sort Your Bookshelf by Color

This is one of my favorite trends!

While I was in my third trimester with my daughter, I went through a huge nesting phase and I couldn’t stop organizing. Color coding all of my books in the office was my favorite thing to do! 

I highly recommend sorting your bookshelf by color and make it a work of art. You can incorporate small knick-knacks in between too to add some personality. 


Your Home Organization Questions, Answered

I hope all these tips and house goals are helping you create a plan for organizing your house. If you have any questions at all, please leave them in the comments. They might end up here in this post, especially if others have the same questions! 

How do you keep your house organized?

The struggle is real my friends! It’s really tough to keep a house organized, especially with really young children. Some people do it by picking up things as they walk through the house. Other people prefer to dedicate blocks of time throughout the day to clean up (like right after lunch and then after dinner).

Try a few different methods and when you find something that feels comfortable, make that your new normal.

How do you stay on top of cleaning?

My best advice is to set a cleaning schedule and stick to it. Lots of people I know like to do their deep cleaning every Saturday.

No matter what schedule you make, it’s super important that you keep things like a Swiffer and cleaning wipes on hand.

When little spills happen, clean it up entirely right away. The only way to stay on top of cleaning is to tackle messes when they are little.

How can I make my house look less cluttered?

The only way to make your house look less cluttered is to get rid of your clutter.

I’m sorry, but it’s the truth!

If the stuff on your couch and counters can be thrown or given away, do it! If they are important, create a place to put them away.

Where should I start organizing my house?

You should always start small.

Organize a drawer. Sort through your clothes. Pick one thing and make it happen. You will feel accomplished and proud of yourself!

Use those emotions to motivate you to clean and organize another area. Let the momentum keep building until the entire house is organized.

Set Your Home Organization Goals Today

Every large journey starts with one small step. Set some specific home organization goals and get them done. Don’t believe the hype. We all struggle with messy homes that stress us out!

But even so, it’s possible to organize it and really enjoy your space.

More Home Tips

As you take care of your house, here are some more tips and tricks I think you’ll like too.

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  1. When things are disorganized and scattered around, it tends to give me a headache and make me feel stressed. You may hang a sweater on the back of a chair, but then someone might toss a bag in the seat, and then someone might put a pair of shoes beneath the chair… it’s a never-ending cycle. I have no doubt that you are all familiar with the topic at hand.

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