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Oops We Did it Again

When I was looking through photos the other day to write our butler’s pantry post I was really taken back by how crazy our house looked when it was in the demo/ early rebuilding stage.  Stuff was everywhere- there was dirt and dust and nails and wood chunks all over our home.  We’d have to be totally insane to ever do that again right??

As I shared in my last post…welllllllll we kinda are.

Introducing our hall bath:

Here’s the story of our bathroom.  When we first viewed Gray Gables we noticed that there wasn’t a hall bath for visitors to use.  One bathroom is the master bath and the other was a Jack and Jill bath between the two other bedrooms.  The master bath is what we used as a hall bath- simply because 1) there was a hallway connecting it to the main hall and 2) the jack and jill bath is very, very scary.  Point in case:

Yikes.  This is what I (un)fondly called “our prison shower” (which I know makes no sense since people shower out in the open in big open showers in prison…it just felt so scary and dark).  Neither Scott nor I actually ever used this shower.  Ever.  However, we did have 2 of my friends use it when they stayed with us (sorry friends) and we used it to hose off our dogs after they accidently got sprayed with pesticides in a surprise mosquito killing aerial spray Dallas had, boo!!!) No matter how much I scrubbed…it was still dirty and dingy and gross…and I cleaned it a LOT because this was where we housed our temporary kitchen for 5 months during the remodel.  We washed dishes in the sink and cooked food on the crock pot on this counter.  Glad we don’t have to do that one again!

My original idea called for adding a half bath to our house and remodeling the jack and jill and master baths as well.  While it would’ve been fun to have a half bath just for guests the only feasible place to put it was right next to the dining room.  And we were a little concerned about the privacy factor…I mean what if we are having a nice dinner party and someone has to go…I mean really go. 😛

After scratching that idea and reworking the entire floor plan for the back half of the house I am happy to say I think I figured it out.  We are turning the jack and jill bath into a hall bath.  I know a lot of people would disagree with our decision – having a j&j IS really nice BUT for the practical and foreseeable needs for OUR  family of 2 (+ 2 fur babies)- a hall bath is going to work out much, much better and be much easier than adding a half bath.  Also- we will be switching from shower-only in the bathroom here to a bath/shower combo so our guests (and future babies J) can have a place to take a bath besides going into our ensuite!

Scott and I were on a date the other night, when we got home he took me into his arms, pulled me in close and said, “baby…I’ve got a sort of wild idea.” I tilted my head up, batted my eyelashes and said coyly, “oh?” Then…with a wild look in his eyes he said, “Let’s demo our bathroom”.  So we did. 🙂  (Dramatic reenactment of wild eyed look from Scott:)

I am excited to blog about this remodel.  After demoing 4 rooms we’ve got the Art of Demolition down to a science AND we are learning space planning, function, design AND plumbing AND electrical.  DIY!  So look for fun upcoming blogs on all of those – and a guest blog post from a certain handsome hunky “plumber” (aka my husband) 😛 on the how to of moving bath fixtures (in a pier and beam house).  Yeah!

What do you all think? Would you have fallen for that wide eyed look? 🙂

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