We Finally Got Our Bedding Right

This could also have been titled “I Knew You Could Do it Anthropologie”!

new bedding 3

To back up the story, I have always dreamed of having Anthro bedding. If you aren’t familiar with their bedding- please check it out here. I’ve talked about this before, but after saving and waiting, I finally ordered the Georgiana bedding last year and absolutely hated it. Loved it online- hated it in my room. To be fair, our room was super, duper pink at the time (not by my choice…the house came that way! :P). But the bedding on my bed looked nothing like it did online…it looked flat and boring. So, sadly, I took it back.

Since then, I kind of gave up on bedding and instead focused on remodeling our house. Even when we finally painted our room white, we still were using piles of random quilts and a duvet with no cover…I know, ugly and embarrassing. But we could only focus our time, energy and money on so much at one time, and it was all going towards the remodel!

IMG_2023 copy

Finally, when I was up in Philadelphia, I got an opportunity to stop at the Anthropologie there. OMG ya’ll. The store is FOUR STORIES. FOUR. Literally.  The bottom floor is where they stash their clearance, and the clearance section was the size of the Anthro store here in Dallas! It’s a good (or bad?!?) thing that I was leaving on a plane and my suitcase was already super full, otherwise I would have been extra broke. Let’s appreciate the beauty of the store for a moment:

anthro 2 anthro 3

The one thing I couldn’t leave behind, however, was this gorgeous bedding I found!

new bedding 2

I brought it home and LOVED it (luckily Scott did too!) but there was a big problem…it totally clashed with the brand new curtains we had JUST hung from West Elm. See?

Anthro 1

So…the curtains had to go. We super love them still, and gave them a new place to hang out in our dining room! We added white sheers into our room so they wouldn’t distract from the gorgeous bedding. We will definitely need to add some white blinds or something for privacy reasons, but I absolutely love the look. Can you all believe how far we’ve come? YAY! :)

new bedding
new bedding 3

What do you all think? I am pretty obsessed. I think it’s just the right amount of color for our white room! :)


  1. Oh my goodness – a four story Anthropologie???!! How did you ever leave it? :) I love the new bedding – the bold colors are so fun!

  2. bah, i’m not sure what’s happier : how perfect your new bedding is or that a 4-floor anthro exists?


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